Huawei Shafted, Senior Aid Coming

Toronto Mayor John Tory had some news about a program that the he and several groups are cooking up called “CafeTO”. As of right now, with Premier Doug Ford extending Ontario’s state of emergency until June 30th, patios, dining areas and bars are to remain closed. The province is still in the first phase of the re-opening schedule, as CafeTO will not be rolled out until the second phase. CafeTO is a program that will help the restaurant and bar industry expand patios, using and identifying space they can access to utilize, like a sidewalk, and will assist companies with licensing and applications to help speed up the process to restart after a very dismal pandemic.

A quick note, our imports and exports both have dropped significantly in the month of April, seeing a 25% and 30% fall in both, respectively. The unemployment numbers will be released tomorrow, as Canadians filing for insolvency has decreased to 6700, falling 32%, a number that low hasn’t been seen since 2007.

Justin Trudeau sported a grey suit as he seemed ready to tackle any questions that was thrown at him. You can bet we wouldn’t be getting another “moment of silence” today, as he is back to taking the tough questions, and firing back with the usual kind of general response a politician would give.

But remember Canada, we are not out of the woods yet. Haha.

Finally, we get back to talking senior assistance, what was surprising though, is that there was no talk of assisting disabled Canadians, who also face extraordinary losses and added stressors and pressure. Just because there are people whom they have to pay to also have things delivered to them, or get their groceries, where they may have been able to before, or whom are on a fixed income that doesn’t or hasn’t been able to be adjusted for this pandemic, there has been no guidance from the Prime Minister. My advice for disabled Canadians or providers of disabled Canadians, is to apply for the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit. The Government can deal with the regulations later, they aren’t offering anything to solve our problems, or they aren’t addressing our needs; thus, they can deal with it. After all, it’s their job to.

Just apply if you haven’t, the process starts on Monday, June 8th.

Remember that article that where I spoke about aid for seniors, well today Trudeau announced that those funds will be handed out (for most seniors, they will be automatically deposited into their bank accounts, make sure that happens) in the week of July 6th. Now my question would be is that this program was announced back in April, why has it taken so long to get these funds out to seniors, who as Trudeau described to be in a vulnerable spot. Of course we get the usual answer and deferral that our Prime Minister seems to have mastered the art of, he said that it takes time.

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A reporter from Bloomberg News asked two very important questions, the first was regarding the 5g networks and Chinese multinational technology tycoon, Huawei. The large monopolistic Canadian telecommunication giant Bell (parent company BCE Inc.) has already turned down Huawei, and opted to sign with Ericsson, as well as Nokia which was announced earlier in February during Bell’s quarterly report. Telus is reported to have followed suit, reported by CBC that after a few hours from Bell’s announcement to discontinue using Huawei for it’s 5G networks, Telus would as well us the European companies Ericsson and Nokia for their 5G technology deployment. So it would seem as if a ban on Huawei would almost seem like a redundant measure, considering that America would have serious reconsiderations to any dealings with companies using Huawei technology. Trudeau responded that he will be following the advise and recommendations of the various security and intelligence groups, while maintaining that Canada is still very competitive as a country in telecommunications.

The next question she accused the Canadian Prime Minister of being America’s (or Trumps) “Trojan Horse” to the UN council. Trudeau has responded with Canadas commitment to global and progressive trade, emphasizing that the Canada has a free trade deal with every other G7 country. Engaging with the rest of the world is crucial to Canadians health and safety, as well as helping development projects around small island developing states and Africa. He notes that we have done this is the past as a nation and will continue to do this going forward.

Speaking about the moment of silence Trudeau had taken, several people heavily criticized Trudeau’s 21 second pause, such as Bloq Quebecois leader Yves-Francios Blanchet, and even Al Sharpton, in his eulogy for the black American who was murdered in Minnesota by a police officer and several bystanders. The moment of silence is said to signal weakness by Trudeau, that he has no back bone to stand up for issues and give the people any direction when they need it most.

The military aid for Ontario’s long-term care homes have been extended to the end of June, as Quebec has asked for a stay until September. Quebec, as we know suffers from lack of qualified trained professionals to assist their long-term care home, even with the emergence of thousands of new applicants to take on these positions, the question is will they be adequately trained in time to assist long term care homes during this pandemic. What irks me is that politicians and doctors say the homes (particularly Quebec politicians, Dr. Gaétan Barette Liberal MNP and Deputy of La Piniėre) weren’t bad, and were just exasperated because of the COVID-19 crisis. This leaves me to question the quality of care to which the Quebec government was willing to accept treatment of it’s senior citizens.

Nova Scotia will now be looking into “The Denturist” massacre, that has taken place back in April. The federal government is here to assist in any way possible. New Brunswick has succumbed its first death from COVID-19, 87 year old resident of long-term care home “Manor de la Valeé”, Daniel Ouelette, where the home has 5 out of the 15 cases in the province, as 3 staff have tested positive.

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In other news of racism, there seems to be a video where indigenous were shot and killed, Trudeau was asked if he would follow the same route taken by Los Angeles by cutting their police departments funding, and cut the RCMP’s funding. Trudeau didn’t give a definite answer, but he did leave that possibility open.

During the briefing by Dr. Tam and her colleagues, we were let known that Ontario and Quebec represent 90% of all COVID-19 cases over the last 14 days. There are 629 cases in Ontario and Canada with only 25 in the rest of Canada. The GTA accounts for 66.4% of Ontario’s cases while Toronto and Montreal remain the two hottest spots for community transmission. Quebec may have fewer cases than Ontario, but they have way more people dying, up 10 new deaths to 91 from 81 yesterday. Ontario had just 19 deaths.

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