Canada Falling Behind America? Measures for Disabled Canadians, Racism or Abuse Of Authority.

The racist acts in America has shattered the world, President Trump addresses the nation by focusing on a patting himself on the back for much of America’s COVID-19 success.

Before Trudeau had addressed Canada in his daily briefing, Donald Trump addressed America, boasting about the great success he has done as a president in steering the countries recovery. He focused on the number of lives he saved by acting quick and closing the doors to China, he talked about how stocks that Warren Buffet had dumped, such as various airline companies, have rebounded and shot back up. He also projects that his recovery is going to not be a V shape, but of a rocket. He also talked about the African Americans and how his administration has done much to help out blacks, citing the many jobs that has been offered to people in areas where the people wouldn’t ever have those opportunities without this intervention.

Trump went on to say how well the American economy is doing, and how several states are re-opening with the appropriate safety measures, and it’s good! He hopes that many more will follow states like Florida, and Georgia, which earlier he had denounced the state of Georgia for following the ill-advised trajectory of re-opening so soon. The events that followed after the murder of George Floyd, like the protests and the vandalism that wreaked havoc on the city of Minneapolis, where he had called in the National Guard in Minneapolis, he saw as an absolute win that shut down the violent protestors like ANTIFA. He publicly called out the Mayor of Minneapolis saying how he is upset at his handling of the situation.

Trump referred to the virus as the “China Plague” today.

The use of excess force by authority, particularly by police, has been observed all across the country, including Canada. Minnesota moves toward a restraining order against the use of force by the Minnesota Police Department, as several parks and schools are refusing to use Minnesota PD in any events going forward. Looking at racism here in Canada, or what some have called systemic racism within the RCMP, including a video of what is deemed as a violent act of a police officer arresting an indigenous person he may have been in pursuit with, raises more concerns about racism. I wonder how much the people who seem to advocate for punishment of these officers over these “racist” incidents, seem to remain silent before.

Yesterday when Justin Trudeau was asked how he would reprimand the RCMP for actions that are an abusive of their power and authority, if he would follow the same course of action as many American governments, like how the funding for the LAPD was cut, Trudeau remained assured that the Canadian government would do whatever is necessary to address the issues of systemic racism within our borders.

This month, the job report sees more than 250 thousand jobs created, nearly 300 thousand at 290K jobs gained. The unemployment rate sits high at 13.7%, which experts are reported to believe that this may be in part due to the high number of people that are entering the market searching for jobs, rather than people who had jobs previously and have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. America boasts of 2.5 million jobs being created and an unemployment rate just o.4 of a percentage point lower than ours at 13.3%.

Trudeau announced today that the federal government will be providing 14 billion dollars of aid to support our country during this very uncertain time. Providing Canadians with the 14 billion dollars, through the provincial government are accessible only through certain conditions, and will be used for;

  • The next 6-8 months
  • More PPE for healthcare frontline
  • Child care
  • Various PPE for business
  • Immediate assistance to most vulnerable, including seniors in LTC homes
  • Sick pay, 10 days of pay
  • Support for cities and municipalities

Yesterday I talked about the disabled people of Canada being left behind, and today an announcement of $600 will be available to aid with the endogenous costs increase to disabled Canadians who qualify for or already collect government funding for disability. If you are disabled and take care of these funds, or take care of these type of funds for your disabled loved ones/clients, these are a one-time, non-taxable payments, you will also need to consult your provinces disability program (like ODSP if you are in Ontario). If you recoeve ODSP and want to know if you are eligible to receive the CERB, click here. In addition to this one-time injection, the government has announced additional programs to help disabled Canadians find work, and an investment into a program to help Canadians with assistive technology. We only had to wait about 4 months into this pandemic before being considered. I call hypocrisy on our woke, feminist prime minister.

Catherine Cullen of CBC news, emphasized how this pandemic disproportionately affects women, and their jobs, calling the recession as a “she”-cession. As if people really say that, also the jobs that have been quickly returning like construction and manual labour, are not returning because these industries are looking at the gender of those employed in the field. Change jobs, get trained in construction, it’s not because of your gender that the construction industry is flourishing right now.

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