PPE Procurement, Made In Canada

Justin Trudeau was seemingly quite frustrated, and he was ready to argue with certain journalists, in my opinion they didn’t listen and asked the same question over and over just in different words.

The Canadian Emergency Response Benefit program is set to close, as The Canadian Government wants to transition to The Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy as Canada begins the slow recovery. Trudeau wants to see businesses re-open and re-hire some of the 3 million unemployed Canadians whom are looking for work.

The Canadian Government has signed several new contracts, as they continue to look to secure more personal protective equipment (PPE) for our frontline workers and acquire elements for testing. The company Joseph Ribkoff will be providing 1.2 million medical gowns and Brampton company Stevens to provide 15 million shoe covers and 5 million disinfectant wipes, again Justin Trudeau wanted to reiterate that all of this equipment is made in Canada. GL Chemtech of Oakville, Ontario will ensure the supply of critical chemicals for testing.

This past Saturday, a ship docked in Vancouver, carrying 160 thousand litres of hand sanitizer, and 7 more ships are expected.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh called for the extension of the CERB program for an additional four months, yet Justin Trudeau hasn’t given any indication that he will be doing this, yet he has said that criminals and those who applied for the CERB fraudulently, will be penalized accordingly. This, and if there would be a financial or economic update from the Government as other statements, like a projected deficit of $62 billion dollars. Already quite irritated, when askeed how this Government is going to leave the deficit for another Government to take care of, things got tense for about 10 seconds before Trudeau retreated to his usual “this is an unprecendented time” speel.

If you own a business in Canada, and would like to speak with advisors or accountants, there is a hotline set up for these unprecedented times, the number is;


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