I Want To Hear From You!

Well, I was checking out my page and I realized that I didn’t link the right page for my contact information. Somehow that page got deleted and my contact information was replaced with a very old blog entry about film.

So while I figure this out, you can get me on my socials. Probably in this order, LinkedIn, Medium, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. But currently, as of May, I have been suspended from both Twitter (indefinately) and Facebook (for the month).

I have a lot of enemies.

But, for the best way of getting in contact with me, just email me at andylitx@gmail.com. Or just comment on an article.

(If you are a social media junkie like me, you can find me on Diaspora, Mastodon (instance: masthead.social), Snapchat, Whatsapp, Twitch (not a streamer) and I have a reddit account, you’ll have to ask me for that. And I have a Slack account, which I don’t know how to use well)

“Email him!” Jasmine Virginia of Polarity @ RTC 19′ photo cred: @andeluuu