A Breif Canadian Politics Update

It was reported by the CBC that within the new surge of COVID-19 cases, 43% of those are residents in Hamilton within the age group 20 – 29 years old. Some dismiss this as new criteria in the testing methods that led these numbers to be inflated, but perhaps identifying symptoms od the illness isn’t a bad thing, especially when you frame it as such.

Having the illness and not being detected is not any different from having the illness and being detected, in both cases you are sick and should isolate, however there seems to be a negative stigma around being “caught” with COVID-19.

The measures put in place are rather harsh for those who fraudulently take advantage of Canada’s Emergency Response Benefit (CERB). For those who take advantage of the CERB accidentally, they are asked to pay it back, for those who have taken advantage of the program fraudulently in the past are going to face a fine of up to 300%. And for those who continue to take advantage of the CERB in the future will face a fine and may see jail time. The inclusion criteria for those who want to access the CERB can now do so if they make $1000, or less as of last year. These measures are being proposed in a bill that is set to include the one-time payment to Canadians with disabilities.

Leader of the Bloc Quebecois party Yves-Francois Blanchet has already decided that his party will not support the bill, insinuating that our minority government, The Liberal Party of Ontario, has been acting as if they are a majority government, or have been trying to do everything they can to squeeze by self-interested procedures, like rushing the various COVID-19 response measures without the proper parliamentary meeting. He made the analogy of putting cod liver pills in chocolate pudding, an analogy the common practise of masking the awful taste with desirable one.

The Canada-US border will be pushed even further past the June 21st expiry date. The current essential travel only has seemed to be helping both countries and currently there are ongoing discussions between Canada and the US. However, it’s been speculated that the border may remained closed well into July.

25 long term care homes in Quebec were identified as having crucial issues that need immediate attention. Announced today the Canadian Armed Forces are going to stay as long as they are needed to. Yet, a majority of those problem cases and some of the most vulnerable residents of certain long-term care homes have been moved, even as Quebec had the initial ask of the CAF to stay until September, where adequate amount of staff and resources would be available, may not be something that is needed.

Today, The House of Commons sits and there is an on-going debate, more like a back and forth grudge match between the Liberals and everyone else. The Liberal Party of Ontario is trying to push a bill that includes multiple adjustments and measures. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh emphasizes that this bill only helps 40% of disabled Canadians, and forgets about the other 60%; thus, he pushes for Prime Minister Trudeau to verbally commit to helping all Disabled. Justin Trudeau claims that Singh is opting to help no one.

Other parties have their own conditions that need to be met before passing the bill.

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