Trudeau Lost All Support, Cries For The Camera


Trudeau’s bill got shot down, and like a coward he chooses to blame the other parties for getting in the way of the government aiding Canadians, particularly Canadians with disabilities. The proposed bill would put a one-time payment of $600 dollars into the pockets of Canadians living with a disability. Something that NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh, and his party had asked for,

But there’s a catch.

The bill only applies to less than half of all Canadians living with a disability. The NDP leader had brought this up to Prime Minister Trudeau, who proceeded to deflect the question saying that not allowing this bill to pass is saying that we shouldn’t help Canadians living with disabilities at all. How are you going to help some Canadians with disabilities, and it turns out that the Canadians that Justin Trudeau has left out, are the most vulnerable one, like our war veterans that Justin Trudeau so proudly supports come Remembrance Day. Now is supporting all Canadians a political demand?

Yesterday, Yves-Francois Blanchet accused Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Ontario of behaving like they are the majority government, that they can just throw out bills and approve whatever they want without any input from the other parties. Well, that’s not how a minority government works, or else they wouldn’t have to debate this bill in the House of Commons.

Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives, who seem to be the target of Justin Trudeau’s blame for not helping Canadians, just want accountability, for the government to show that they are spending responsibly. A bank that has that the Government has invested over $30 billion dollars in, has completed a total of 0 projects to date, The Liberal Government should be answering for this mismanagement of government expenditure. I must say, a lot of time was wasted arguing over the commitment to the Auditor General’s office, who basically keeps tabs on the government’s expenditure. Liberals keep going back and saying that in the past, the Conservative Government reduced the administrative staff of the Auditor Generals Office, yet Andrew Scheer wants to know if the Liberals will allow the AG funds to do her job, reporting that the AG can only do half of what she is usually capable of doing with the available funds. Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau are like little girls, bickering back and forth with jabs at the ego of each party. Justin Trudeau ends the debate saying that how Liberals wants to go ahead with the bill and debate, yet other party members including the conservatives just want to argue procedure and politics. Because they are not politicians who have to follow a system that was put in place.

Speaking about politics and procedure, Yves-Francois Blanchet and The Bloq Quebecois also had an issue with why these issues can’t be split up instead of being presented all in one bill, and using the aid for disabled Canadians as the chocolate pudding to hide the cod liver oil. Referring to the way that the Liberals have presented this bill, Blanchet says that Trudeau is asking for the opposition parties to rubberstamp all the issues at once. As previously mentioned, The Bloq Quebecois has emphasized that in parliament there is a procedure to follow when you are a minority government that The Liberals aren’t adhering to.

The day after (today) Justin Trudeau took to the media, crying like a baby how Canadians got bullied because of the other parties playing political games. The issues that were brought up by other parties was fair, we want accountability of the government’s expenditure (not to mention that they haven’t released a fiscal update or budget projection), that they are procedures to follow and if you really cared about the disabled Canadians and these other issues that have nothing to do with each other, then why can’t they split up the bill instead of putting them all together. Doing so would mean if you agree that disabled Canadians need help, then you have to agree that all the other parts of the bill are okay, which is a very sneaky way of handling yourself. Lastly, if the liberals are so concerned with the disabled Canadians, which is the chocolate pudding to mask the cod liver oil, or the it can also be seen as being the only beneficial or nutritional part of the entire dessert, then why not help all the disabled Canadians rather than a portion of Canadians who aren’t as vulnerable as the ones the bill doesn’t help. This move is definitely not working in good faith, especially since there are so many areas and people left out of the discussion. It would seem to me that these political leaders are now meeting each other for the first time. Remember that Bill to ban the use of guns that Trudeau proposed after Nova Scotia had the Denturist take a fake police care and gun down victims? The list of guns that are being put on a blacklist is continuously growing, and seasoned hunters are seeing their choices dwindle. Yet that isn’t in mainstream media, so really how transparent are they? As transparent as they want to be, it’s no secret that what isn’t presented in the news won’t be on your mind.

I am sick of people using those that are disabled as a bargaining chip. It makes me so mad, because I am disabled and that is exactly what people do. They either treat us like we’re are incapable of doing anything, or they pretend like we don’t have any obstacles and then use our short comings as justification that we aren’t able to do anything. It’s like how groups like BLM used George Floyds death to spark anti-racism campaigns, but when George Floyd was arrested for robbing those two women with a gun, where was all the black pride and anti-racism protests then, why didn’t they call to defund the police?

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