CAF Extended, Mandatory Temperature Checks


There was a rather brief press conference today outside Rideau Cottage. If you aren’t aware of Chief Allan Adam of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation being tackled and punched in the head by RCMP officers during his arrest outside a casino in Fort McMurray on March 10, which was the topic of some of today’s questions directed at both Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau, Global News has the video in their article here.

Earlier in this pandemic last month, we were brought a report by the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) signalling critical issues in a number of long-term care homes within the Quebec and Ontario provinces. Now, as several of the long-term care homes within the province of Quebec are given a status of green, as opposed to the disparaging status of red, several CAF members are being relinquished of their duties, and being stationed at more vulnerable homes. Announced today was the extension of the CAF stay in long term care homes until June 26th, despite Premier Francois Legault asking for the CAF to stay well into September.

Justin Trudeau has said that the CAF members are not a medium or long-term solution. The CAF members are being phased out, in order to allow qualified members of the Canadian Red-Cross Society to step in. In April, 400 troops that are currently situated in Quebec had training from Ahunstic College in a collaboration between West Island Health and the Canadian Red Cross.

Various parts of Ontario outside the GTA enter Phase 2 of the provinces re-opening.

There is now going to be mandatory temperature checks for all travelling passengers at airports. Despite Dr. Teresa Tam denouncing the practise of health checks, Justin Trudeau says that he is listening to the science, as he hels back his smirk he said the science speaks that no one should be travelling while they have a fever.



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