CERB extension, Systemic Racism, Rental Subsidy, Excess Food

Canadians need the extension of CERB, NDP want the extension for CERB for at least 4 months, what will this mean for parliament and the future of The Liberal Government. Racism is still a huge part of Canada, specifically systemic racism against the indigenous in various regions such as Saskatoon. Justin Trudeau continues to push employers to apply for the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy, also for the landlords and tenants to apply for the rental subsidy. There is still ongoing food supply, announced earlier was an initiative to get that food to deprived Canadian homes and communities.

The extension of the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit has been something of interest, specifically for the NDP party. Justin Trudeau spoke about the purpose of the CERB, and how it was made to keep Canadians at home early on during the Pandemic, and as the economy started to re-open, that Canadians would now move on to the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy program and get back to work.

However, not many Canadians have followed this trajectory, with out of the 8.4 million Canadians that have applied for the CERB, just 1.2 million have been able to return to work.

There are several issued with the extending or adjusting the CERB. Firstly, if it were to just be extended, much like how it was created, it can be done without the need for parliamentary approval. Yet, this will cost Canada again, billions of dollars, further pushing our economy into deficit.

If they opt to change the measure entirely, introducing the criteria that allows for the punishment of those who improperly use or obtain the CERB, this will take time and have to go through the already divided parliament. Also costing Canada billions of Dollars when they are done. Justin Trudeau has overtly expressed that they are working on a solution and that more details will be announced later this week. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has already asserted that his party will not be supporting anything less than an extension.

The BLM protests and movements that have awoken with the death of black American George Floyd has sparked talks of systemic racism and police brutality worldwide. Doug Ford had hinted that Canada doesn’t have deeply rooted systemic racism as the US towards blacks, alternatively, Canada has deep rooted systemic racism with the indigenous peoples of Canada. Even until today, there are multiple reports of police violence against the indigenous, as there were two fatally shot by police on Friday. Just take a look at the history of “Starlight Tours” in Canada, or the more recent “Saskatoon Freezing Deaths” that led a victim to leave the province for good.(https://www.macleans.ca/news/canada/new-light-on-saskatoons-starlight-tours/)

Here’s is a documentary film on the practise if you ae interested.

Two Worlds Colliding, Tasha Hubbard, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

As I have mentioned earlier on in this pandemic, there was an outrageous supply of food now that restaurants were closed. Farmers were met with and huge supply increase of their crops, and livestock that became very costly, both to the farmers and some Canadians. This meant that food wasn’t getting around to people, and many communities were left needing food. The Government had announced a plan to buy and re-distribute this food to get it to those Canadians where food has become scarce. Announced today, those applications will be open Friday. As CECRAP, the emergency rental assistance program was announced, and most like was renamed, not many landlords have been as cooperative as Trudeau has hoped. This has led to an implementation of an evictions ban, forcing those landlords and tenants to start talking and getting a move on with using the subsidy that the government has created.

As we turn to re-opening of our communities and provinces, some have brought up the issue of immigration. Looking at Beijing, which just had a resurgence of 51 cases since Friday, at a food market (people never learn, do they), and Americans cities like New York consider reimplementing lockdown, raises serious concerns to Canadians as travelling by land is still restricted, yet, Canadians can fly over to the US. Trudeau’s only response was that his main concern is keeping Canadians safe.

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