CERB extension. UN Security Council Seat, Mexico Withholds Workers


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau didn’t focus much on Canadian Politics, as Canada is lobbying for a seat on the UN security council. Canada has been reported in the run, against countries like Norway and Ireland. However, he did touch on the Canadian Emergency Benefit being extended for an additional 8 weeks, as he has realized that there is millions of Canadians that can’t get work because there isn’t the available jobs right now.

Amongst the many world leaders Trudeau spoke with, he spoke with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, specifically about the migrant workers whom are coming to Canada and succumbing to COVID-19. Mexico will now no longer send any workers to Canada, because of the deaths of Mexican workers in Canada. Yesterday, Premiere Ford of Ontario said that no one should blame the migrant workers for COVID-19 deaths. “They came here, they self-isolated for two weeks and they picked it up since they’ve been here,”

The border between Canada and the US closure was confirmed to have been extended until July 21st. this means that the land border will remain closed for non-essential travel.

There is much discussion happening around the CERB extension, like regional and sectorial differences in the job market and the number of COVID-19 cases.

There are many measures being considered to combat racism, like removing the minimum sentencing for crimes.


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