Fiscal Snapshot, UN Seat Vote, Parliament Drama


What use would parliament have to us if it didn’t involve drama? This morning, Bloc Quebecois leader Yves Francios Blanchet held a public briefing where he would continue to push that Justin Trudeau is acting as if he is acting like the dictator king in the monarchy that is Canada. He touched on that if the government is planning on going to deliver the fiscal update, which is slotted for July 8th, where there will be a sitting in the house. Before Blanchet, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh gave us his thoughts on the RCMP, with the recent incident of Alberta’s Indigenous Chief Allan Adam, the use of force and tactics of de-escalation has put forth in the discussion.

Trudeau continues that push the blame on other parties, claiming that Politics had got in the way of a very important bill that would help out Canadians with disabilities. Jagmeet Singh and the New Democratic Party plainly asked for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau if he would help all disabled Canadians, and Justin Trudeau wouldn’t commit. The various political parties had different concerns than Justin Trudeau, and the bill proposed did not address any of their concerns, therefore, the bill did not pass. Trudeau, however, has repeatedly expressed the importance that he places on helping our disabled Canadians. There has been no indication of any significant strides forward in getting help to those disabled Canadians, as well any changes other than an 8-week extension to the CERB.

It seems that there were a lot of announcements earlier on that are now coming to fruition, although when Justin Trudel was talking about The Canadian Fish and Seafood Opportunities fund was opening, he used the word “again”. That fund helps producers stay competitive, opens them up to new markets, which allows them to retain their clients, especially internationally. The Canadian Fish and Seafood Opportunities fund will have applications open again, this Friday. On Monday, the applications for an additional program, The Canadian Seafood Stabilization Fund will open, this fund allows producers to by the much needed PPE, maintain a safe environment for their workers to purchasing the freezers they need to store their seafood. Also, the $500 million dollars denoted to help our Canadian Researchers in fields such as Chemical Engineering, Virology and other related fields was announced today that the 

After weeks of saying that during this “unprecedented time” a fiscal update won’t be feasible, the government has now announced that it will be provided a fiscal snapshot in the House of Commons on July 8th. This move has brought much criticism, as David Cochrane of the CBC has said that not many Canadians pay attention to the fiscal update when it is announced in parliament normally, he suspects that during the summer there is now going to be even less. A notion that Blanchet also mentioned, that many Canadians are not going to want to sit in front of the TV, they most likely will be hanging around a barbecue enjoying a beer.

Today marks the UN Security Council vote, where Canada is vying for 2 seats with ally countries Norway, and Ireland, as well as the confidence vote for the government’s spending.

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