Trudeau Takes Advantage of Crippled Parliament

This morning, in a dictator like move, Trudeau took advantage of the weakened parliament to pass his anti-gun law. In what was marketed as a solution to gun violence in Canada, Trudeau has banned more than 1000 of assault rifles sub-types and modified guns. During the CBC live broadcast on the Periscope app, you can view the news coverage from CBC.

The Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer expressed his disapproval of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s move to pass such “legislation” (it’s really just an order) during our national health pandemic. A key points that he posits where that the attacks by criminals obtain these guns illegally, referring to the Nova Scotian gunman, The Denturist (The National Post), who went on a rampage killing at least 19 people in Northern Nova Scotia.

To add more, Justin Trudeau focused on the tragic death of another Nova Scotian, during a what appeared to be a system malfunction with the CAF’s Cyclone helicopter. Sub-Lt. Abbigail Cowbrough, 23, of Nova Scotia was the first confirmed death, while the other 5 were reported missing. It must be a coincidence that the media focused so heavily on Nova Scotia, then Trudeau passes an order for the effective ban of 1500 types of guns. (Trudeau Honours Fallen CAF, America’s Hopeful Drug)

During Trudeau’s message to Canadians about the ban, he said that the purpose was to eliminate the types of guns that people own, that can legally circumvent the current gun laws. Andrew Scheer has pointed out in during his interview with the CBC, that the majority of gun violence is committed by those without a licence, an by those who have illegal firearms from the US. So in reality, if a person wanted to obtain a gun and use it for a crime, what does this gun ban really do?

The truth about the Nova Scotia gun violence that occurred two weekends ago and that we are constantly reminded off is that the gun ban does affect 3 of his long rifles, if he had obtained them legally. His other sets of guns were obtained illegally from the US, we look at the gun violence here in Toronto, since 2014, handguns have accounted for over 50% of homicides in Canada (Statistics Canada). So how effective do you think this ban, or failed promise of a complete Liberal lie to buy back guns (The Globe and Mail)

Trudeau and his Government spent a week manipulating our view and why we think that the gun ban is a harmless idea. We spent weeks mulling over a rampage in Nova Scotia and then we are presented with the death of a young Nova Scotian girl on a helicopter, and just before Trudeau unveils his gun ban, again we are reminded of how guns were involved in the Nova Scotian homicides. It’s almost to as if the Government is telling us what is important, just today we it was released that the 5 other CAF passengers aboard that were not located are presumed dead,

The five other members who were aboard the aircraft were:

  • Capt. Brenden Ian MacDonald, pilot, originally from New Glasgow, NS.
  • Capt. Kevin Hagen, pilot, originally from Nanaimo, BC.
  • Capt. Maxime Miron-Morin, air combat systems officer, originally from Trois-Rivières, Que.
  • Sub-Lt. Matthew Pyke, naval weapons officer, originally from Truro, NS.
  • Master Cpl. Matthew Cousins, airborne electronic sensor operator, originally from Guelph, Ont. (The Ottawa Citizen)

Not nearly as emotionally swaying as a young dead 23 year-old female, most of the population is uner the age old myth that women aren’t supposed to be harm; when presented with domestic violence, which gender comes to mind as the victim? I understand that most of us, including me, won’t really get the news as fast as most of the major media outlets. Whether it be just the speed, or what big parties (such as the government) want us to know, the word skepticism comes to mind. The use of repetition and recall makes me wonder if that is what the Government of Canada wanted us to focus on leading up to this move to ban assault rifles.

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