Indigenous Care Package

This morning Trudeau starting off by extending his support of the indigenous communities, such as The First Nations, articulating the various measures he has put in place over the past few weeks of the pandemic. Issues like mental health, safe employment, domestic women and children abuse, shelter, unemployment and the worst issue that this pandemic and isolation can exasperate, addictions.

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On top of the already millions in support given to various Indigenous communities, Trudeau has announced that The Government of Canada is allocating an additional $75 million to support those various indigenous organizations that also support indigenous living out of their communities and in centres, strengthening the support to their right for indigenous customs and cultures.

Trudeau mentioned specific ways that he is helping indigenous, by mentioning how he is helping out Canadians as a whole. Through measures such has helping students find summer jobs, emergency funding benefits, with the only difference is that some of the loans are non-repayable. He goes on to say that he is providing shelter for those women and children escaping domestic violence, but that should have already been in place, seeing how in a study from Donna Klingspohn, titled “The Importance of Culture in Addressing Domestic Violence for First Nations Women, she indicates that “Indigenous women (First Nations, Inuit and Métis) are six times more likely to be killed than non-Aboriginal women (Homicide in Canada, 2014; Miladinovic and Mulligan, 2015)”, also stating that “Aboriginal women are 2.5 times more likely to be victims of violence than non-Aboriginal women (Robertson, 2010).”  (Klingspohn D. M. (2018). The Importance of Culture in Addressing Domestic Violence for First Nation’s Women. Frontiers in psychology, 9, 872.

Again. Trudeau cuts corners by using a a fiscal policy, that’s like a public good (street lights for example) that was put in place for all Canadians, then saying he is doing it specifically for Indigenous. If you don’t remember, Trudeau had done this earlier on in the pandemic, it’s as if he plays on our intelligence and it really abusive.

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Continuously, we as Canadians are urged to use the measures that have been put in place, and more and more pressure is being put on landlords to get on board and sign up for the Canadian Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance Program, or CECRAP for short (I know, it looks ugly, but I promise acronyms makes things a lot easier).

Have you noticed if we take out Canadian Emergency (CE) from that acronym, you get CRAP?

More and more Canadians are becoming frustrated as their landlords haven’t been acting on this program or in their favor. One possibility is that landlords don’t act on this as of yet, because they’re no details. CECRAP also has been said to be extremely complicated, as it is meant to get communication between the landlord and the tenant.

Several people questioned Trudeau for the redundancy and overcomplication of the process, asking why not just cut out the middle man and get the money straight to the source. This move however takes the responsibility off of one party and distributes it between the remaining two. Having the applications released a week later than announced, we can only speculate on its efficacy.

Demand for some products and/or services have seen a dramatic decrease, as the inflation rate in Canada has reached an all-time low, marking the first time since 2009. The Annual Inflation rate has been reported in April by Statistics Canada to be in the negatives, leading to some economists anxious over “Deflation”.

Wearing a mask is still under your discretion and is not mandatory, though it would help from catching COVID-19 from other peoples negligence. If you are out in the community, use your own discretion.

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