CEWS extention, Unemployment Rate and Jobs Lost Rise.

The Labour Force Survey for April declares an unemployment rate of 13%, stating that April has seen the job loss count rise an additional 2 million, bringing the total to 3 million. The survey, released today, credits the job loss to the results of the pandemic, citing business closures and the economic shutdown that was instilled by the Federal Government. Prime Minister Trudeau speaks with his usual calm demeanor, assuring that everything will be okay, and announcing today that the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy will be extended past June. As this seems like great news, like the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit, and the Canadian Emergency Business Account, the devil is surely in the details. Also, Trudeau has decided to commit $500 million to support culture, artists and young athletes. This will inclue media and small broadcasters.

It was reported by CBC’s Power and Politics host Vassy Kapelos via Periscope, that some business qualify for one of the benefits, say the wage subsidy, but can’t access the business loan for example, to pay contractors. With no definite date given, Trudeau mentioned that the CERB will be extended past the CEWS. Although transperacy is hard to give with policy that’s ever changing, due to the nature of the pandemic, this makes me pensive of how helpful these “Emergency” measures really are. Looks like there’s some digging to be done. 

Despite what happens in reality, Trudeau wants us to be reminded that he his actually here for Canadians, and the Canadian People.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but as he was commemorating those who served in the second World War, he sat by and watched as Don Cherry was scapegoated, even though I have a feeling he’ll be back. I find his message atrociously hypocritical, especially throughout breifing from Rideau Cottage, he was very dodgy of tackling specific problems like the Cargill meat plant safety concerns, I don’t think he could care any less than how his image would be if he hadn’t honoured our veterans on today’s 75th anniversary of the Victory in Europe, marking the day of acceptance of the Nazi’s official surrender.

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Many questions still arise about the indigenous communities whom are weeks, even month behind the curve, experiencing low fatalities from COVID-19. However, they are one of the most vulnerable sectors, and being in remote areas, they are going to be harder to reach and support. This raises various concerns as the economy starts to gradually reopen. Trudeau has always planned for the CERB to last longer than the wage subsidy, the Feds are going to be monitoring and evaluate the measure in place. We see that women in the service roles, and new Canadians are hit the hardest in March, and now we see that disproportionately this is still the same case.

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Fundamental to the Canadian Government is to ensure that Canadians should have to work in unsafe conditions. Quebec is saying that the economy is relatively safe, even though they are those who are very concerned about returning to work. So now the case stands that if employees feel that they are forced to work in unusually unsafe conditions, will they still qualify for the CERB. Workers at the Cargill’s Meat Plant in Southern Alberta was brought to Trudeau’s attention, and when will the Fed’s step in. Trudeau had brushed off the responsibility deferring it to Provincial Governments saying that these cases are most likely going to have to be evaluated on a case to case basis.

When Trudeau was asked if he would thank Taiwan for sending over PPE, he obliged, when he heard Australia was calling China a bully, and for Canada to stand up to them, instead of backing down, Trudeau responded with as Prime Minister “he is to Provide for Canadians and keeping Canadians safe” and that there will be an inquiry and they will be asking the difficult questions. This response is surprisingly a great response especially for right now, we have a lot of damage caused by COVID-19, and focusing on doing what can to eliminate or better cope with COVID-19 should take precedent over finding out what started this pandemic; yet, asking questions now and gathering information is still something you don’t want to leave out, letting people cover up their evidence doesn’t allow them to take responsibility or learn from their mistakes. Although, it seems that from SARS the first time around, they haven’t learned a damn thing.


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