Unpopular Opinions – Brendan Leispic and The NHL

This is when I stop reporting, researching or whatever you call what I do Monday – Saturday of the week, and I just talk about how I feel about current events and things i going on inl life, and how they affect me.

Over the course of I’d say the last six years, my mouth (well, more sp my fingers) have got me into a whole heap of trouble, unknowingly, it shouldn’t have, and I wish I knew what Libel Law was. I have been so busy trying to do other things, I hadn’t the time to read and research that what I have been put through, may have been illegal. Well, I think that the more digital we get and the more our communication come from online interactions, the easier it will be for certain powers to extort their control. Well let’s get on with it.

I read that The Washington Capitals forward Brendan Leispic was talking trash amongst another player and his brother (CBC Sport’s). This conversation got leaked, and The Washington Capitals Organization had found out what was said between Leispic, his brother and Jake Rodewald, a Florida Panthers minor league player.. Thus, the organization had decided that Leispic was to be put on waivers, leading to terminate his contract, or so some media outlets will have you believe. The headline reads that the Brenden Leispic made several misogynistic comments, where he called women fat and overweight, referring to some as pigs. Interesting.

I mean, yeah that’s definitely a punishable offence. One article stated that he even made comments on Connor McDavid’s girlfriend, and Vancouver Forward Tanner Pearson’s wife (The Globe and Mail). I instantly got the vision of Donald Trump, and the notion of “locker room talk“. Shockingly (I mean, “Shockingly”), Leispic was also talking trash about his teammates.

To me, I bet that people’s egos got hurt. Even the NHL got involved and issued a statement saying how they don’t endorse this kind of behaviour.


Yes, it was punishable, but there’s also another side to the story; The Washington Capitals signing Ilya Kovalchuk makes Leispic expendable. So, did Washington Capitals have to publicly humiliate and destroy Leispic’s reputation if they were going to let Leispic go anyway? I mean, it was a private conversation.

The worst part of it is that Leispic’s brother got removed from his University of Manitoba team. I don’t know what exactly was said, and if they had made disparaging comments about their own teammates, I guess removal from the team would be the worst case scenario. Or maybe his brother is just a dickhead of a guy, who knows. To me, this is sports, this is hockey culture; talking smack about the opposing players or their wives is just something that you do.

You’re the wife of an athlete, a professional athlete. Or, in Connor McDavid’s case you’re the girlfriend of quite arguably the best hockey player in the world. Expect some shit being thrown around, and expect that you are most likely going to catch a piece across the face. If you are an opponent of another player, people are going to talk shit about you. The league and hockey in general has changed so much, if this were the nineties, you’d get a response on the ice. Hockey use to make men, now it makes politicians, haha.

If you’re a Toronto Maple Leaf fan, and I mean a real fan and not a bandwagoner, you’d remember the media destruction of Nazem Kadri. By large, he was punished for sticking up for his teammates, where other players in league (like Zdeno Chara) would do the same and get away with it. I’m thinking of the playoff game against Boston Bruins where a player ran veteran foward Patrick Marleau into the glass, the next shift Kadri came barreling out and delivered (although still a dirty cross-check) to James DeBrusk. Watch below.


DUDE, there were so many instances though where I felt Boston just hit players, or did things that the referees just didn’t call. Much like how the New England Patriots deflated those balls to win the SuperBowl, Boston knows how to “play the man” (in this case the referees) more. Look how long it takes for James DeBrusk to get up and then look at him afterwards. You know what would be perfect, if that guy from The Waterboy whom mocked Bobby, just got up in the stands and start mocking James DeBrusk about embellishing the hit.


Ugh. Whatever. The movie is a classic.

Yes, I am still bitter. What made it even worse is how the fans reacted, and the media as a whole. Like sports writer David Shoalts of The Globe and Mail. But that’s another story on it’s own. It’s funny that I have Brad Marchant as one of my favourite players, and he is a weasel. Kadri was involved in a trade for Alexander Kerfoot and Tyson Barrie from the Colorado Avalanche, and I feel that Colorado got the better part of that deal, for sure. Watch him beat Martin Brodeur in a game where he was a call up from the Marlies, and in my opinion the Toronto Maple Leafs organization sheltered and misused his creativity.


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