Large “Bridge Loans”, Not Bailouts

Ugh, Mondays. Who needs them, absolutely no one.

It seems as if every day is a holiday, or every week we are patting someone on the back. This week marks national Nurse’s week, so do your part and thank the nurses who work on our frontlines. Trudeau addresses us very briefly with news of a new program aimed at aiding those large companies, who employ hundreds of thousands of people. Today, “The Large Employer Financing Facility” has been announced to aid large companies as lenders of last resort. The last time I hear that word was when I was listening to Jack Parkinson in university, discussing the role of The Bank of Canada.

Good times.

Hey, this isn’t a bailout though, as there were several mentions of this previously. This is a “bridge loan”, it comes with guidelines and requirements (Trudeau called them commitments) that you have to maintain. For starters, he wants complete transparency on your financial structure. Not to mention limits on the dividends, share buyback options, and executive bonuses that you issue. You will also have to maintain certain climate change criteria, abide to collective agreements and pension requirements, while maintaining adequate number of jobs/employees and investment in your business. That’s not too much to ask at all, I wonder how much of this loan is so important because of “these business employ millions of Canadians” rather than “we are bribing businesses with money to follow us“.

Listening to Ontario Premier Doug Ford, there was an incident of a young person that got pulled over for going 306 km/h. That’s astoudingly fast, I went 60 km/h and I get into an accident almost losing my life and acquiring a brain injury, and this guy goes 200 km/h over the speed limit and gets a slap on the wrist; go ahead, tell me how your life is unfair. Ontario is committed to keeping the people of Ontario safe and moving the extension of declaring our province in a state of emergency to June 2nd. Something that is of a concern and Doug Ford is continuously pushes is that the border remains closed. When asked about it today, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland danced around the question and didn’t really answer, she flustered the journalist. I absolutely hate how these politicians think they are untouchable, also at the fact that she said she id answer it, and then gave the complete run-around a second time. What would have I done in that situation, probably reiterated that what she is telling us is “that the safety and health aren’t as big of a concern that our government can’t answer simple questions in a simple manner”. I definitely hate bullies, and I’m definitely a journalist.

Tomorrow marks the 200th birthday of Florence Nightingale, if you can, or rather if you know of her contributions to the field of medicine and appreciate the work that she has done, you can light a candle and place in in your window. If you don’t, her contributions that she made to the field will disappear.

That’s a joke. people are still going to wash their hands.

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