Seniors Getting Financial Aid, Borders May Reopen

Our seniors have built and shaped our economy, and it’s only fair that we take care of those who took care of us and our future. Seniors continue to face COVID-19 being the most vulnerable age group, with seniors making up more than 80% of pandamic related deaths. Ministers spoke this morning of 2.5 billion dollars in help, in addition to the $4M in the form of a GST top up made in April.

The GST top up was made as a direct deposit, into the qualifying seniors’ bank accounts.

Our seniors are facing additional costs, like access to their medications, access to food and transpotation. Thankfully, there has been programs set up in place to engage with seniors, like keeping them active, however I wonder how seniors who don’t use computers or aren’t particularily well versed with the internet or technology accesses these programs and services.

The government has vowed that it is helping out our most vunerable seniors, those in long term care facilities where the virus seems to have found its home. Trudeau’s Government has felt the pressure from the seniors, in the form of emails reports Deb Schulte, Canada’s Minister of Seniors. Today, journalists pressed on how and why this is happening so slow, and why is the one time payment is not given as a monthly increase?

Well, their reasoning was that the pandemic is now, and that these seniors need this money now (which doesn’t really make sense). When Trudeau was asked about this question, he just answered how his government is helping everyone out, and how they are announcing more measures to help with seniors. Again, not an answer to the question. Where did we get this guy?

Politicians. Trudeau also used social distancing as “a measure to aid our seniors”, even though social distancing is mainly concerned with the prevention of spreading the virus. It was seen to be effective against SARS, or the first coronavirus that infected humans.

These are the measures that have been announced to help out our parents and grandparents.

  • $20 Million dollars in aid to expand the New Horizons Senior Program
  • $300 in the form of a one-time payment for Seniors eligible for Old Age Security (OAS)
  • @200 to those seniors who qualify for the Guaranted Income Security (GIS, in the form of a bonus)

There are discussions about re-opening the border on May 21st, yet there is no concrete answer as to if they are going to reopen the border, yet Trudeau hinted at those who travel or come into contact with those that come from the states would have to self-isolate for 2 weeks. To speed up these emasure for the seniors, there will not be any need for any legislation. British Columbia has flatten their curb, and B.C. as well as Ontario plead for the border to remain closed. It seems that the border will mostly reopen for essential travel, which can be particularily damaging to Canada’s progress.

As various provinces reopen, are we prepared to let in American citizens? Perhaps Americans are going to flood in and try to get with Canadians for their healthcare now, haha. The Liberal Party has made several promises about taking care of our Senior population, including the 10% increase to the OAS (Old Age Security) in July, there are many questions for this Government, and just as Justin Trudeau has said that he COVID-19 has placed the spotlight on the various weakness of our economy, it has alslo shown the many weaknesses of our government.

Breaking: The July OAS increase of 10% is not happening

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