Fisheries, Indigenous, Does Trudeau Make Up Words?

I’ve noticed something since reporting on what Trudeau has been saying. The information that he has been giving in English isn’t as complete as what he is saying in French, and he continually reminds us that he is Quebec’s PM and a Quebecer. I think he should stop playing favourites and treat all Canadians equally, I’m getting pissed that I have to read the French translation to get the full story. And no offense, I understand that these translators are doing a great job, however someone needs to get the coordination with the speaker and the translator aligned a lot more than it is currently.

So, watching, listening and reading on what was said today there was quite a bit announced with regards to more financial aid that has been put in place. It’s as if Canada is a stripper that Trudeau thinks he can “manage” by talking cleverly and throwing money at, except Trudeau is Jabba the Hutt and Canada is Princess Leia. We’re chained and imprisoned to Justin the Trudeau, I’ve always wondered what Justin is like as a person when he isn’t “acting”, do you think meeting him, you would have the same experience as Kumar or Harold when they met George W. Bush in the movie “Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay”?


Our Canadian Armed Forces have been hard at work, helping with various long-term care facilities in Ontario and Quebec. This has led Trudeau to realize that our veterans deal with things like chronic pain; thus, Trudeau has announced that the Government is launching the Chronic Pain Centre for Excellence for Canadian Armed Forces Veterans at McMaster University. Not only will this centre be a hub for research into chronic pain and veterans, but it will be a centre for training and education to provide veterans with the support they’ve always needed.

There are a lot of problems in our various agriculture and food sectors. If you are a fishery, catching fish and other various forms of seafood is a lot harder to do sitting in your living room. To alleviate some of the burdens faced in the Aquaculture (I swear Trrudeau is just making up words now), Fish harvesters are getting the Fish Harvesters Benefit. This fish harvesters’ benefit will support fisheries by covering 75% of their loses, up to about $10K. This is not in addition to the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy, so if you qualify for that instead, the CEWS has been extended beyond June. The Canadian Government is also introducing addition non-repayable grants of $10K to fish harvesters whom own their own business. Through Farm Credit Canada, the Government has launched $100M in an Agriculture and Food Business Solutions Fund. Lastly, they are changing workers insurance rules, so that the Employment Insurance benefits are based on the previous year’s earnings.

Also announced were funds aimed at helping Indigenous communities. There will be $306M in non-repayable contributions to Indigenous Businesses. As I have briefly mentioned before, the Government of Canada has introduced specific measures for the indigenous, and should go here to learn about all the options available to you. Domestic violence is a prominent issue amongst the Indigenous, so there has been an additional $10 million allocated to emergency shelters for Indigenous women and children escaping violence. Yesterday, $2.3M in support was annouced to the Meadow Lake Tribal Council and Métis Nation-Saskatchewan for a pandemic response plan, in everything from food to supplies.

On a more relaxed note, the May long weekend is fast approaching. Yet most places are closed and there’s ambiguity around what the cottage situation should look like, I mean I think it’s just heavily frowned upon here in Ontario. National parks aren’t yet reopened, however June 1st, select parks will reopen. At the same time there will be a change to regulations for boating to protect vulnerable communities in the North. There will be no pleasure crafts permitted to operate in Canada’s Artic coastal waters or the coastal areas of northern Quebec and Labrador, unless deemed essential. Bad news if you were planning to use the Seadoo in the arctic waters.

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