Trudeau’s Budget Failure, Kim Jong-Un Alive?

Current Canadian COVID-19 numbers:

59,858 – Total Confirmed Cases
25422 – Total Recovered Cases

3,767 – Deaths

(via Google)

Ontario COVID-19 Numbers 

370 – New Cases
17923 – Total
12505 – Resolved

1308 – deaths

(via CBC News)


After a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare filled weekend, finding out the North Korean leader is still alive (some of you were quite relieved at the idea that he may have passed, which disappointed quite a few poeple I imagine, we return to Justin Trudeau at his Rideau Cottage, where the country’s provinces are going through their own regulations to the eventual reopening of their individual economies.

It’s always about money isn’t it, the airlines sector wants aid, after companies like Air Canada reported $1 billion dollar loss this quarter. Trudeau said that there are measures in place such as the subsidies that the Canadian Government has put into place, such as a wage subsidy and the Canadian  Emergency Response Benefit (CERB); not to mention the whole slew of other measures to help post-secondary students and indigenous families, all of which can be found here. As other sectors feel the blow of this virus, Trudeau spoke of installing different measures for the different sectors of the workforce.

Another issue which is on Canadians minds (some Canadians, not a lot of people actually speak about the budget) is how this COVID-19 has impacted the budget, and what does the our budget forecast look-like. There wasn’t much news, however Trudeau banks on the reasoning that this can be expected given the situation that COVID-19 has put our country in. Trudeau was reminded that this time last year, the Canadian budget projection was given, where he looked doenward and had a moment of of what I can only describe as a look inward. The budget implies how the government will act in the next year, Trudeau stated that the Government will be very transparent and Canadians will be kept informed, as the government has been quite clear about their new economic spending initiatives; for a comprehensive look at the CERB subsidy program, check out the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit Statistics here.

This morning, to give us an idea of how small business owners are handling the reopening restrictions in their provinces, during the CBC broadcast via Periscope spoke with the owner of King’s Head Pub in downtown Winnipeg. Chief Political Correspondent Rosemary Barton asked the owner, Chris Graves, how the reopening of their eatery would look, located right in The Exchange District. Graves wanted it to be clear, that they are working with the health and government officials during their reopening, and that they are taking their pre-cautions above and beyond what is currently recommended. As well as complying with the social distancing requirements, the are reducing their table occupancy from the recommended 10, to 5 or 6. To go even further, they have uploaded their menu online, you’ll be given a URL and can enjoy a contactless, safe experience.

As different provinces start to relax their restrictions differently, we here in Ontario still face the problems in long-term care facilities, Quebec has adjusted and postponed some of their early re-opening projections. COVID-19 has hit the different regions of Canada very differently, The previously mentioned Quebec, is still experiencing death and some cases are being re-opened. Premier Doug Ford of Ontario was asked when will people get to hold or hug a loved one again, when can small gatherings of friends to celebrate a birthday be allowed to do again, to which Ford said, to sum up in fewer words, “We don’t know”.

Well, that’s Monday’s for you. Trudeau was talking about how we need as a country to come together with other nations, particularly speaking about the EU meeting he had attended. “We have to defeat the virus just not within our borders, but wherever it is found,” said Trudeau, “The more we cooperate, the more likely we are going to find and cure, and quickly”. Premier Ford wanted to reassure us that at the end of the day, we are going to have to rely on ourselves, and reminded us that other countries can always close it’s borders, restricting access to much needed supplies, such as PPE masks.

In closing, here‘s Kim Jong-Un cutting some tape. To think that some of you thought the man would go down that easy, disgraceful.



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