Trudeau Honours Fallen CAF, America’s Hopeful Drug

Trudeau had addressed the the nation not from the his cottage, but from a meeting room from West Block, Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Today was mainly about the a helicopter crash that killed one and has left 5 other unaccounted for. Sub-Lt. Abbigail Cowbrough, 23, of Nova Scotia was the first confirmed death, and Trudeau said that her father said in a Facebook post that he was very proud of his daughter. (CBC via Periscope)


The “Cyclone” helicopter was at the time flying over international waters between Greece and Italy. However, the exact location of the crash is not known at the time, that the helicopter was going trough training procedures at the time it was downed. Communication with the helicopter had was lost as it was returning to the HMCS Frederickton, said General Vance who was also at Parliament Hill meeting with Prime Minister Truedeau.

The helicopter was part of “Operation Reassurance”, a NATO operation to remind adversaries that “we are in this together”. Currently, aircraft from Canada, Italy and Turkey are looking for the helicopter, with the aid of Greece and the US. This was the highlight, or bulk of Trudeau’s message to Canada, as he previously said that he wanted to focus on the CAF helicopter crash and wanted to offer his deepest condolences to the affect families.

CAF General Vance - April 30 2020

There were no real news on COVID-19, just that various parts of Canada feel as if they are ready to reopen again. Quebec is set to re-open some businesses in May. They are following a similar structure to Ontario, with their elementary schools and daycares by May 11th, while it holds Montreal until May 19th. Manitoba basically just gave the green light to the majority of the stores (including retail stores), yet they are relying on the discretion of Manitobans to decide whether or not it’s safe to visit their elderly relatives or parents. (CBC)


Meanwhile, America has developed a new drug, dubbed Remdesivir, in which initial trials showed speedy recovery in patient with COVID-19. In the trial, those with the drug recovered 4 days sooner that the placebo group. Remdesivir “doesn’t seem like a knockout 100 percent” says Dr. Anthony Fauci, “but it’s a very important proof of concept. because what it has proven is that a drug can block this virus”. (The New York Times)

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