A Break From Trudeau @ Rideau Cottage

There is no COVID-19 news, as Justin Trudeau holds a virtual conference for several nations. There is a new outbreak of COVID-19 in News Brunswick that led the recently reopened province to shut down again. This morning as news Channels quickly switched back to it’s regular programing; you can see the difference in how they present the news, well it was a nice break from constantly being bombard with feminist messages, like how our government is failing at being a feminist government.

The military cyclone that crashed in the Ionian Sea on April 29th has been located today, almost a month after the crash happened. Human remains have been found, but yet have to be determined as being part of the crew onboard the helicopter, codenamed “Stalker”. The Canadian Army doesn’t have a lot of the required technology and is having to rely on the aid of it’s allies.

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The ruling on the Meng Wanzhou’s U.S. extradition is to go forward, the basis for this decision is “double criminality”. Double criminality means that a crime committed in the US, also must be a crime committed in Canada. Of course, China has already accused Canada of being an accomplice to the United States, although I have a strong feeling that they meant partner.

Hey, China doesn’t exactly have the cleanest track record. Remember COVID-19, SARS, The Avian Flu, Murder Hornets, let’s be honest China.

If you don’t know, Meng is being charged with fraud, after she failed to disclose a subsidiary company that does business with Iran.

“Fraud, is broad” put simply and concise by Richard Kurland, an immigration lawyer and federal policy expert. Canada, not having any Iranian sanctions in Canada “may well be dismissed”, after calling this move by the defence a “slam dunk”.

After this ruling, fear of economic retaliation from China is now a reality. However, China seems to have it’s own problems with new passing of a security law that has been said by several countries including Canada, that the new law is in direct conflict with China’s International obligations. The new law proposed out of Beijing is said by some to be “taking away the autonomy of Hong Kong”. Whether business who have locations in Hong Kong will decide to remain in Hong Kong or move to another location inside China, or Singapore, is yet to be determined.

More on China, their ongoing and stressed relationship with Canada and the US, in my weekly “The Chinese Inquiries” features.

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