Long Term Negligence

The crisis in long term homes continue in Quebec, with the Canadian Armed Forces delivering a report on 25 retirement homes. Much of the same issues were raised, with added emphasis to improper doses of medicine to little to no barriers between those with the virus and those without.  However, I will say that Quebec’s report wasn’t as terrible as Ontario’s. Also reported was that the Canadian Armed Forces had helped train employees at Quebec homes, just to put Quebec in adequate good light.

What baffles me is that these problems have been known to be happening for a long time, Canada also had the iconic case and conviction of serial killer Elizabeth Wettlaufer, in 2017, whom murdered 8 senior citizens and attempted to murder six others in southwestern Canada during 2006 – 2016,

Sure, COVID-19 exasperated these problems, and they are definitely worse now than they normally would appear, but what is the acceptable level of treatment for Canadians, how can they put a price on our elders, of which our politicians apparently so warmly support?

Most of you did Canada, and our Canadian Government definitely did. Canada ultimately elected this poor excuse for a Prime Minister, twice, of whom appointed members of the cabinet based solely on gender, not competence (which we are now paying the price for, and our parents and grandparts had incurred for us, again). The Prime Minister that says that he is busy fighting this pandemic, and that an inquiry into China will have to wait, meanwhile China sends us 9.8 million masks that are below an acceptable level of quality, as a gesture of good faith.

When you look toward the numbers and see that 75 – 80% of Canadian COVID-19 deaths have been in long-term care homes, the price of our taking care of our parents and grandparents would seem too high for politicians. These for-profit retirement homes, especially the ones in Quebec, are reported to have staff that faced fear of being reprimandaded for using too much supplies. So now you’re being told that supplies are expensive, just like how fast food joints and bars only give you one lonely napkin with your super saucy wings, forcing you to ration supplies as if you are on an abandoned island with a volley ball as your only friend. Poor Wilson.

Of course, they tack on some feel-good slogan along the lines of “we’re saving the environment”, “Let’s minimize waste!”. Aren’t you woke, bro? The environment needs you!

On the other end we have a minister, proclaiming she has been a doctor for thirty years (then correcting herself she says almost) and she has provided care of our elderly, implying that she does her due diligence in assessing their needs adequately. Merrilee Fullerton, Ontario’s Minister of Long Term care has been serving as an Ontario Minister since 2019, June 20th to be exact. She says that some of these problems within our long care are decades old, which makes you wonder how there wasn’t any action taken earlier. Even researching into problems in long term care homes, you can see the number of studies and articles dating back even as recent as 2019, 2018, before COVID-19, through a simple Google search, beckogning our attention. This is absolutely sickening, especially since we have the previous Ministers of Long-Term Care in Ontario like Dr. Eric Hoskins, Dr. Helena Jaczek and Christina Elliot, two of which have been in the positions for over a year, I wonder if these Liberals will be held accountable as well as the newly elected Fullerton. What were they doing if it was not caring for our elderly, just enjoying the fat government salary?

Many advocates say that they’re weren’t surprised by the results, as if they had always known these problems were happening. Sherri Zelinski, whose mother is in Orchard Villa in Pickering, is in shock at the care that her mother is having to deal with and trauma she has already went through in an interview with Suhana Merharchand. When speaking with a rather relaxed Jane Meadus, a lawyer with Advocacy Centre for the Elderly, whom said that there isn’t anything in the report that was surprising, couldn’t have done something before the report made these problems public? This is where these professionals bother me, if you knew or weren’t surprised, then why weren’t you trying to implement solutions, especially looking at these problems were apparent for decades, unless you feel that your job doesn’t have to bear any responsibility.

How can government officials like our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, stand in front of the nation and say thing like “our elders are so important”, when over 4000 COVID-19 deaths are attributable to long term care homes. The irony is despicable, COVID-19 didn’t happen yesterday, we are obviously quite deep into the pandemic if the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit, a measure that was in place to help Canadians in dire times of the pandemic, is already being phased out as the Canadian economy is re-opening. The failure of our government, our officials and ministers is apparent, and they continue to not fear being held accountable.

I’m fed up with how little care and responsibility the government is willing to accept for this absolute ignorant avoidance of management and authority, how you can still keep your position after this is telling of how care-free we are. If this wass our long-term care bubble, just like the housing market in 2008, long-term care juyst collapsed, and this has very serious clinical and ethical violations; therefore, I don’t see how these people go criminally unpunished.

Most officials and experts try to shift the blame, just blame COVID-19 like Justin for being “an unprecedented situation”, why hold the title if you are going to have to take on the responsibility then? That doesn’t make sense, how is any of this surprising, and why would this be criminal, let alone unethical. This is an unprecedented time after all, are you even thinking how stressed Trudeau is? Come on guys, we obviously are ungrateful for what we have. So the leader of our country allowed authority figures to mismanage their roles and a few thousand people died, and millions of lives have been affected and altered? Not a problem.

I remind you that these problems persisted while Canada was under a majority Liberal government, why is it just now that the elected officials are saying that we are in dire need of a transformation of long term care facilities?

What is your job of Ontario’s Minister of Long Term Care if not to look after those in long-term care homes in Ontario. I wonder how much care and responsibility Trudeau would have took if his mother, Magaret Trrudeau, was in a long-term care facility? What about Christine Elliot, or any of the Ministers of Long Term Care, it would seem only fit that their parents be put in a retirement homes as well. Why change the system if it keeps earning profit though, and obviously to earn more they can only cut costs. It’s saddening to know that if COVID-19 didn’t happen, we most likely wouldn’t have found out.

Ontario says that criminal charges are being looked into.

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