Trudeau Gets Stumped! Ontario Extends State Of Emergency

The death of George Floyd has sparked numerous protests around the world, and vandalism and violence in the pockets of peaceful protests continue to persist. Today, Trudeau and the other ministers are expected to speak on the matter. During the Prime Minister’s daily brief, where he amusingly had hiccups, he was questioned about how he thought President Trump responded to the situation, and if he would weigh in on the issue. Quite obviously caught off guard and pushed into an uncomfortable situation, as well as having his hiccups stop, he was stumped. Trudeau took a all the time he could to ensure that he wasn’t making statements that would darken any relationship with our neighbour. Trudeau stood silent, deep in thought for what was reported to be 21 minutes, the much needed time taken to properly formulate a response that clearly doesn’t step on any toes or implicates anyone. I will remind you, that Trudeau has been avoidant of standing up for Canadian values, and he refuses to be the face for the anti-racism and micro-aggression fighting that he always champions. In the House Of Commons, Trudeau recognized that in the past, he has made mistakes (such as “Blackface Trudeau”) which could cause some to question his commitment to being an ally against anti-black racism. Joe Biden

When he is asked about China, his go to answer is that “The hard questions will be asked, but his main focus is getting Canada through this pandemic”, or that “His main job is the safety and concerns of Canadian citizens”. Many wonder if the court’s decision on Meng Wanzhou will aversively affect relations with China. However, there hasn’t been any retaliation, unless you consider sending us sub-standard face masks as passive aggressive retaliaton.

Working toward the re-opening of the provinces will require that Canada secures much of personal protective equipment. Currently, Canada has ordered 40, 000 ventilators but has only received 203. The Minister of Public Services and Procurement assured us that the ventilators are on the way, and will be in the next coming months. The reason for this is because businesses that have been awarded the contract are just now starting up and opening shop to manufacture these. On the issue of syringes, the contract with company Becton Dickinson is relatively new and hasn’t yet set a delivery schedule, however the need for those syringes aren’t as important as other PPE. There has been not a vaccine identified yet, as Remdesivir hasn’t shown to eliminate the virus, rather it has shown to be effective with patients with moderate symptoms. So it the best method at fighting this disease is early detection, so if you are feeling ill with a few symptoms together; please, go get tested.

Data is becoming a hot topic, as the Government of Canada is working diligently to say that they are working hard to gather the appropriate data, that is unaggregated. Of course with data, comes a whole host of problems that could go wrong, biases, methods of collection. Ontario has extended the state of emergency until the end of the month, Doug Ford insists that this doesn’t mean the reopening is on hold, working on regional model.

In March, the Ontario Government launched their “Businesses together” website, which saw   25, 000 business submissions, the government was able to make a 200 million dollars in investment to manufacture PPE.\, and will make an addition 2.8 M dollar investment to ramp up production. This investment saw the production of 121 million surgical masks. As well as 4 million face shields and 100 million gloves. The province is working on additional “Regional Modeling”, regarding the hot topic of systemic racism, Premier Ford thanked God that Canada doesn’t have that type of discrimination here. When questioned about Donald Trump reaction to the protests, Ford said he doesn’t have time to recount everything that is going on.

We still have an issue with long term care homes, as there has been a reported 176 outbreaks.

Ontario reports 446 new cases and 9 deaths.

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