It’s A Halloween!

Funny thing, halloween is definitely my favourite fake holiday, yet as of now I am reviewing Chemistry and Biology. Speaking of “It’s A Halloween!”, spoken in my head with a perfectly pitched Mario accent, that upcoming Mario movie with Chris Pratt, honestly, what are you doing Hollywood.

I have returned to university and am looking to embark on another journey. This time, I will be doing Cognitive Neuroscience (yay!). Having a brain injury is tough, what’s even tougher is having parents who barely understand your injury. What makes this frustrating is that sometimes, I just don’t know how to explain to others why my brain being damaged is actually hard to live with, and the difficulties I endure.

The first time I graduated from university, I had a team of therapists help me halfway, with everything. Literally, everything, from my speech, to my physical strength, to tutoring to just having my binders organized (by the end of first year, I didn’t ever use binders). Also in the first few years, my parents also helped cook meals and drive me to and from school.

As I got more into the work, and I grew as a person, I moved out to residence. Taking the bus in the snow with my mobility issues was also a tad too difficult at the time. Through this mess I usually could only accomplish 3 courses.

Now, I don’t have all that help, my parents actually work full-time and I don’t drive a vehicle. I decided that it won’t be an accomplishment, a personal achievement if I could handle a full course load, whilst doing all the other stuff. Over the summer I took an Cinema Studies course that usually runs a full year, in three months, so I can handle this, it should be a breeze!

Or so I thought.

The problem with courses in the arts, is that to me, I just get them. Cinema was a bit more philosophical than I would have liked, venturing into the realm of feminism, postmodernism and postcolonialism; but there was enough of art in there that I managed a B. I wanted to take theatre as a breather to my scientific fuckery, and ended up really liking theatre! I like it so much that I may opt for a double major Cog Neuro and Theatre, just because I am getting decent marks in theatre, like 4.0’s.

Now being back to school at the ripe age of 35, is a definite jolting experience. Not only do I find myself feeling like every girls older brother most of the time, but I am older than some of the professors and grad students! It was so bad, that the Professor of that Cinema studies course was actually scared of me approaching her and said that I was “predatory“. Messed up, indeed.

So get this, I am taking Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies, and now my preferred pronouns are “She/Him” (but I am not like a hardcore about it, and won’t charge you with assault for not using them, He/Him is also okay). I am reading this stuff, and losing my mind. Feminists scholars got together to write about the unpaid work that women have to unfairly endure, but never said anything about the unpaid work that men have to endure. Absolute one-sided malarky, is what that is, that’s what I’d I’ll tell you! I still am waiting for the woman that unclogs toilets and drains, fixes the house, installs and monitors gadgets and gizmos; I mean, the list is tremendous going the other way as well Missy.

My advice, is for young men to date Strippers, because they know what they have to do to get paid. Also, why are feminists complaining about this crap, but there are women who aren’t and just happily contribute their share? It’s not hard to see that they want young women to waste their time, bickering about this kind of factitious made-up problems. You don’t see the top earning women saying things like this, because they are too busy living their lives and making a living.

The last part of the chapter 11 article in my text (Rice, Margaret Hobbs, C. Gender and Women’s Studies. Available from: VitalSource Bookshelf, (2nd Edition). CSP Books Inc., 2018.) talked about unpaid family work, this is horrendous, feminists really do want to destroy the nuclear family! There was even one part that made me feel like a misogynist for being disabled and having my mom take care of me, or having my grandmother take care of me and my brother while my parents worked. These women never said no though, they never complained about taking care of their family, or that it was unpaid.

Anyway, I am probably not going to write again for a while, I have 2 papers due, 3 courses to catch up in and 2 midterms. It’s my birthday month, so I am also going to be busy enjoying the free time I have, if you are keeping up with football the New York Giants have really turned things around! Hope you got a ship load of candy this Halloween!

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