So, I’m learning about cinema!


It’s a little bit late to write about this, but I have been busy taking this ridiculous cinema studies course downtown. I’ve made it thus far without getting into trouble, until today.

I asked the class to avoid talking about feminism, and then I proposed the idea of women who wear low cut tops and purposely bend over in front of you, as a response to the men sometimes just kissing a woman without consent. We watched a movie that was made in 1955, and throughout the course a student who identifies as gay, has been adamant about identifying times where it’s appropriate to point out men and misogyny.

I have shut my mouth, I have kept quiet and kept taking the beating of men are the oppressors and we should all be burned in hell. I have had women misquote statistics about rape on campus, I have been expelled for refusing to sign a contract stating that I was guilty of violated the sexual harassment code, i have been kicked out of bars, festivals and even some improv schools (for not agreeing that they should have young boys strip at an LGBTQ festival).

Women in Academia are so ignorant to what other women are like, they are under this “women are all victims” narrative. I know there are insane men out there, and not only do they hurt women, but they also hurt other men and even children as well. Anyway,

We were having a talk about Marilyn Manson, and consent, where she and that same student I spoke of earlier said that’s not alright, like at all. After class I said that what if the fans are okay with that, then doesn’t that make it okay? Then she said it’s definitely illegal, I rebutted with “Well I guess there is some form of consent on the ticket”, which was met with a clear no. So I guess that’s not how consent can work?

Everything was going fine, until she brought up what I posted on the class discussion board, saying how my words can make people recall certain memories. WHAT? I wasn’t talking about rape or anything sexual, I was talking about consent. “You know that sometimes words and blah blah”, I am not here to take care of your mental health or your students mental health, I am here to learn as well. Just when I started to open up, and contribute to class discussions, this happened. I wanted to talk about something, and she said that women don’t bend over and where low cut tops, not to gross you out, but my mother does that to me, her sister, some of her cousins and it’s disgusting.

So yeah, I didn’t even say we can’t even talk about that, I just asked what about those women? I didn’t consent to that kind of abuse, I am so fucking pissed off, that for years women around me have been doing this, bartenders and waitresses dress in clothes that are revealing, and I am not complaining, but if you’re going to say men have a problem with consent, or they have an ego that they don’t ask, wear a burka,

I mean, do I have to ask consent for everything (because everything is a mans fault)? The point is people are selfish, and they will take advantage of you. I will tell you that I have been watching really good films in class, except today. Today, we were talking about the style that is the art film, and we watched this Italien film, it was weird.

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