The Football Results

Well, I am sitting at 9 wins, and 5 losses currently. If I didn’t go with Tampa Bay, I would be at 10, and if I gambled on Green Bay instead, I would have been at 11.

Such is life.

If Philadelphia wins tonight, then I am going to be sitting at 10, just as last week, However, this week being week 4, I will have data from weeks 2 and 3, and thus I can do some simple math to get the first week, and now I can see how teams are improving or declining over time.

That brings me back to the Green Bay, San Francisco game. I started to think about the slope (the rate of change) saying that Green Bay is positive while San Fran was in decline. But my analytical brain convinced me that it was just one game, that there wasn’t enough data to conclude that these teams were headed in any direction.

I was helping out some Destiny players through a raid, and in the background of another players microphone I heard “YES!”, followed by a “NOOOO!”. I then checked my phone and Green Bay had won the football game by 3 points against San Fran. It a very close game, so I think my analytical brain was indeed correct, I probably should have checked injuries.

That’s another thing, I should probably learn all the positions and their role within the overall team. All I know is that wide receivers catch, running backs run the ball, quarterbacks are the ball throwers and play makers, the center huts the ball and that’s about it. When you work with data, usually you don’t really care what the numbers represent.

There is some website that gives out cash prizes to teams who can figure out the best solution to problems with data, but they take the names of things away. So all you get is like “Choose the best Y that maximizes X” or something along those lines. Insight came from knowledge about the variables. I thought I was smart when I could identify which delivery truck ran which route by tracking package ID numbers, and identifying the location. I just needed to know which truck loaded the cargo, and bam, Big Brother watching how many stops you made to “pee”.

Something about using RFID.

No stripclubs while working on my watch, unless I can come. This weeks there should be better predictions going forward. I just have to better work with the data I have, it’s not hard I just have to clean up the data. They retired Eli Manning’s jersey in New York, too bad the Giants lost by three to Atlanta. I really should pay attention to special teams more.

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