Is Destiny testing how much we can take before we quit the game?

Imagine your job is to do what you love, and what you love happens to be what other people love. Then you get to do what you love for other people, and your… I’ll just come out and say it; Destiny was a game created by gamers for gamers; however, Destiny 2 seems to be Destiny regurgitated with less emphasis on the game itself, and more emphasis on the amount of revenue that can be extracted.

There were people that said this before, and I embarrassingly dismissed these claims as old gamers not loving the idea of change. There were players who lambasted Bungie for taking old content, adding a few bells and whistles, and charging players large sums of money for expansions (playable content in addition to the original game). Also in that bin of complaints, were players who are angry that Bungie removed past content that players had essentially bought.

I kind of understand that as a game gets bigger, so do other areas not game related (space to store player information and game content like servers, maintenance, customer and media relations etc.) and keeping all the old content which some players may not even utilize anymore (like “raids” which I have spoken of in previous articles) does make sense to me. Even though I have missed a lot of them, I wouldn’t want to inhibit growth and newer, more relevant content that will challenge us. Yet take a look at this, and I’ll explain what it means after;

image courtesy of @Capn.EXE on twitter

Okay, these are in-game “Shaders“, they are colour schemes that can be applied to your characters gear to change the appearance, What is said is that the Source of these can be found in “Eververse“, which is the in-game store where you can purchase content, using currency that can be earned in-game called Bright Dust, or paid for using real money.

When you buy the currency using real money, you get “Silver“, another in-game currency (Destiny loves currency, which does make sense, but it is hard to keep track of). The thing that bothers me, is that even if it isn’t for Silver, there is no possible way to prove that they aren’t psychologically manipulating the player base in the form of “behaviour modification” by moving everything to pay system in which we are going to have to pay for something simple as shaders.

I have heard rumours about Bungie implementing a process called “slow drip”, where they are slowing the process at which they are delivering content to gamers. I guess this does make sense, if you were to say that Bungie were slowing the rate they deliver content to ensure content had as little error as possible. Yet today was the launch of the new season, yet they were issues where players couldn’t access the game at all, apparently it was so troublesome that they took the entire game down for maintenance!

Say what you want, that there is this whole ordeal with COVID-19, and mistakes should be expected; however, you can also say that Bungie has already suckered in the Destiny player base. and now they are going to extract as much money as possible they can with giving the players the least as possible.

That’s business though, I want to say that is probably some type of business optimization problem. I am fairly sure I have worked through problems like that. I am not making accusations, I am just pointing out that if there was any other explanation, we wouldn’t have in-game problems and glitches or problems loading even if workers are at home because of COVID.

I don’t care if your employee’s are having difficulties coping at home and can’t do their job properly. Get rid of them.

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