I am almost at half a million views on Quora!

I figured I better say something, or else I am going to burst. I didn’t even give anymore answers until maybe a week ago I started answering some requests again (if you requested an answer and haven’t heard from, I am sorry but I only have so much time and patience).

For starters, I don’t even get paid doing this, even though I paid for the education I have acquired over the years. So honestly, if you don’t get an answer, I am sorry truly, but at the same time tough luck. It’s free.

There are questions there that I don’t even know where people think that some things are okay, there are probably many joke or immature questions on there, I’ll give you an example of a more recent question I answered. Someone had asked me if her so called friend was being rude by calling her entitled for bringing her kids to her so called friends wedding that where the wedding was “children free”. I was amazed at two things, the first was that even though she was specifically told that the wedding was children-free that she still brought her little ones, the second is that in todays society, it’s almost hard to figure out if this question is some sort of rhetorical, or this person is serious,

I seriously don’t know if this person is being a prankster, or seriously can’t wrap her head around the idea the wedding isn’t about what she wants. I think that it’s laughable that society has retrograded so much, or maybe it’s a joke and I am looking to far into this; yet, would you call me crazy if I thought it were real?

Yeah, I didn’t think you would either,

I mean, I don’t mind answering questions and helping people, though it should be for money and not for free where another person(company) can profit. Quora does prompt me to write again, I also have to make these maps for the video game I play, Destiny. Although a lot of players are saturating the market because they are teaching as well and new players are just getting soaked up. I still hold myself as a great teacher though, I had this guy walk me through a Grand Master level game, and he was exceptional as well.

But I am better, haha.

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