The Start of Exponential Returns?

I can’t keep hiding from the fact that I do have some background in business, not a ton in business management per se, but I did get a university degree in economics (I actually have a double major in both Economics, and Mental Health, allowing me to earn a bachelor of science). My parents can run away or ignore the fact that I am actually not a dinky do-ha, where my only motivation is money, but I actually have other priorities like the overall wellbeing of people.

Well people, in economical terms. Then I reach a type of dissonance, where I have to juggle the wants and needs of the individual with what’s going to benefit them. It’s more of a balancing act between thinking of the smaller details, but seeing the larger picture. It’s almost as if I need a more concrete example, then the world gave me President Donald Trump, and I saw how quickly people used mental health to take advantage of the system. Anyway, thats a different story, one of the core elements in my economics degree was the use of mathematics.

Also, I had to take statistics, and yes you can say that statistics isn’t really mathematics; yet believe me, there are some strong mathematics at work. To an average person, I would say that I have strong mathematical aptitude. Smart hard work, planned out hard work, like a well thought out model with the use of mathematics can do you wonders. During this season of Destiny, season of the Chosen, I started two new character classes, a Warlock and a Titan. I am a Hunter from the tips of my fingers to the depths of my soul, but my play style over the years has become more of a support character.

I didn’t start the season at zero, but I started at the base power level (which is 1100 I think). With the help of my super hunter, I managed to bring both my Warlock and Titan to Grandmaster level caps at 1325. Last night I played with an old friend of mine, who I had invited to the destiny community I was created, but then I thought he wasn’t interested because he left after a day, so I had just deleted him as a friend. I learnt last night that he just got nervous when one of the statistical bots I utilize, Charlemagne, asked him for some information.

Repeatedly through the night he mentioned how good I was, and he also told me that I was one of the Sherpas who taught him the raid Deep Stone Crypt on his first go, and I taught the raid so well that he went on to teach others! What gets me though is that this isn’t the first time I have heard this, and I have taught about a handful of raids now. Each raid has 6 people, I have taught close to about 10 raids, that’s 60 people. I have heard from at least 5 different players the same story, that I explained the raid to them well, I taught them well, and I didn’t discriminate or yell at them when they made a mistake. They said they then went on themselves to teach the raid to other groups as well, and if they teach at least one group each, then that is 5*6 players, a total of 30 players! So if I teach 60 players, and I get feedback from 5 players that they went on to teach another group each, that means through my original teaching spread to at least 30 more players, just by being a good teacher. That doesn’t even include the players whom I completed other game modes with either, it’s no wonder that my playstation friends list is approaching 100.

I try to teach a raid a week, hoping that I will inspire players to respond such as this. I have come a long way from Destiny 1, and I am not going to sit here and say that I am a very competitive player, and a top player in the game, but I think I am a very good player. I definitely clash with some players, I don’t want to ignore the fact that I can also be a really bad player. However I think I have played enough Destiny (and other video games in general) to know what type of person you are, or rather what type of player you are within the first 5 minutes. I am reading a book about experience not being the greatest teacher, and how sometimes experience can serve to our detriment, but trust me I have played in many groups and teams, inside and out of my gaming life, to have a fairly good idea.

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