How I became the End-Game player.

Something that I thought wouldn’t ever happen, because I’ve spent hours cleaning out the those Umbral Engrams from the post master, but it is quickly approaching us. Tomorrow will mark the eighth week and March is just about to end, which also means “The Guardian Games”.

What I understand is that The Guardian Games will be like The Olympics, or just a competition between the three classes; Hunter, Titan and Warlock. I get how a person looking from the window in would find all of this rather amusing, a bunch of nerds playing video games with other nerds across the world, competing against each other in a fantasy world in something that resembles the Olympics.

You probably just don’t get it.

Last night I had a guy asked me about my speech, and then he asked if I had a speech impediment, and began to insist that he we could talk about my disability together. I don’t have a problem with my disability, and I am doing the best I can to play. I think if you have a problem with the way I talk, then say something or shut up.


Then he tried recruiting me to his clan. Typical douche move.

I am a try hard player, I don’t like to sit back and waste time either. Seems like a waste of time to me, and I get that you don’t have to work that hard, after all it’s a game and games have cheat codes and glitches, and ways in which you can manipulate the system in order to jump ahead. In my years of gaming I wouldn’t have fully exploited those methods, but I would have missed out on so much of the game itself. The grinding, and really it’s not really something you should do when you’re older, and more experienced at games, but definitely when you’re the younger player.

When I first started Destiny (D1), I wasn’t as much of a player as I am now, in Destiny 2 (D2). In D1, I wasn’t as good as I am now, I took a lot of crap from younger players who all wanted to set records and didn’t have time to teach newer players what to do. I barely ever raided in D1, later to discovery that raiding was one of the best activities to do in the Destiny universe.

D1, I felt as if I needed to get better, faster. I needed to reach that higher light level, get that better gun, and I didn’t understand a lot of key concepts for the game. I didn’t care about the gear, the armour, the weapons, what the stats were, I just wanted to know what makes me beat enemies faster, without me dying so much. I even played D2, and said “this is garbage”, also I had no one to play with, and everyone that I had talked to also said that it was garbage, so I beat the core game and didn’t bother with the expansion(s).

It wasn’t until I came back to D2 for the Beyond Light expansion that I really learned how to play the game, and appreciate everything that the game has to offer. Exotics weapons, armour and quests, secrets, and yes, I finally completed my first raid. Now, I am an “end-game” player, I am a Sherpa for the raid “Deep Stone Crypt”, and I am occasionally finding myself making a return to D1 to try and enjoy what I have missed. You can find some people that still only exclusively play D1, and host raids where they can teach you, there may be some quests you were stuck on, but my main goal is to be a well crafted D2 player.

I didn’t get into seasons much until the season, last season I just unlocked everything, but that’s about it. I didn’t care for the story either, I find them too slow for my liking. This season I paid particular attention to what was going on, and it’s all happening very slowly. But the activities are still challenging to complete. and there is an abundance of activities and challenges to try and accomplish. Secretly, I like to think that Bungie is just giving players a time to catch up, learn the story of Destiny and the lore, before they hit us with the onslaught of a new expansion.

I now understand why people get mad though, teaching new players is rough, especially if they are just not that into the game. What makes it even harder is that to get where I am, I had to be into the game. I had to be dedicated to certain level. I had to take abuse from other people, I had to be a loner, the bottom of the barrel, the “just sit here and clear ads” guy (that actually only happened my first raid completion).

Destiny is a great community of players, and yeah you’re not going to get along with everyone, but that’s life. I can’t wait for The Guardian Games though, and for Vault of Glass, the new (old) raid dropping, I think I am going to approach this raid with a fresh day one experience.

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