Destiny, looking ahead?

I am again going to tell you, I arrived to the franchise really late. I would’ve loved to be there on day 1 of the first raid, to soak in all of the hype that surrounded players, the thrill of going into raids knowing somewhat or completely blind and figuring out mechanics and puzzles.

Except jumping puzzles, because they are the workings of Satan himself.

When I first started Destiny, I didn’t care about exotics, armor, not even the story captivate me as much as just playing with others together in activities like strikes, or Prison of Elders. I wasn’t that great of a player, I mean I was decent and what I lacked in knowledge I made up in hard work. That being said I was a horrible person to raid with, and many players loved to kick or boot because they were trying for some Trophy or some record.

I left and went on to play a less intensive game with a familiar story that I could easily grasp: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. I grinded, being at the bottom of leaderboards, though eventually I became really good with the sawed off shotgun, the 725, and started to place in the top 5, to top 3, and finally to owning leaderboards. In the meantime, Destiny had raids come and go, some were even vaulted, they introduced sunsetting weapons, only to have the practise retire and cease, the story kept on going and expansions were introduced. I have heard stories of raids, spoken as if they were legends told over the campfire, and complaints that these new raids are just recycled content. I mean Taniks has been killed over and over, yet he finds his way back into our lives.

The expansion Shadowkeep introduced nightmares that are just defeated enemies of the past. How is that even creative, I can see that someone in the ideas room didn’t want to change anything, like “it works, don’t touch anything”. I get it though, people pleasing is a tricky business, and fans are especially finicky. I run Sherpa’s for the raid “Deep Stone Crypt”, and I really enjoy doing this, this also gives me time where I can engage with other players in the Destiny 2 community. Before I go on, I played Destiny 2 in 2019, beat it and then I left because the game sucked in my opinion. I then went on my CoD phase, where I somehow discovered a girl named Avery on Twitch, though Bungie didn’t want to let their players go so easily, so my socials started flooding with “Beyond Light” Destiny 2 expansion, boasting about “Darkness” and I decided to jump back in, at that point in my life it just seemed right.

My first raid completion was the start of this year (2021), it was Deep Stone and I essentially got carried through. After that, it was a wrap, the Sherpa left me feeling like I could do this, and through the looking for group app on my smartphone, I treaded through the waters of bad gamers, bad people, time wasters, bad Sherpa’s, but I grinded my way through collecting information and the most effective strategies to eventually being a Sherpa myself. Talking to a lot of players, they are made that they pay for content, and then that content gets vaulted. That makes them angry, and rightfully so, if I were to pay for a game and then the developers come into my home and take away that game, I would be split in feeling two parts, one being pissed, and another part being horrified how this stranger just came into my place and took my game, but left everything else.

I think one day we are going to put servers on the moon.

In season 15 they are going to introduce cross-play, which should be interesting. In April, we are getting “Guardian Games”, kind of like Olympics I am assuming. I have never played in the Guardian Games, but from what I gather it’s a battle between the different classes (Hunters, Warlocks and Titans), this year your will only be allowed to compete in one class. There are going to be new armor, and weapons and an exotic, and it will finish off this season. There is a lot I will talk about, like how everyone in Destiny posts videos instead of writing articles, or well it seems to be the norm. Fucking Rick Kackis, I am happy that people like Rick, and others speak on their videos. I really find annoying when someone in a raid tells you to go watch a video.

Like, I still have questions bro.

We will be getting relief to our shader issue, so sit tight and yes I know Umbral engrams are really abundant and eating up the postmaster with the other engrams. How annoying is it when you get an exotic engram, decipher it only to realize you have gained one enhancement core? I heard a theory that the new expansion in 2022 “The Witch Queen” will bring a new subclass that involves poison. Finally, Crow needs to stop with the feelings, and this lore is really well written.

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