Is This Government For Real?

Destiny has really taken up my time as of late, I have been grinding and actually taking the needed time to understand and enjoy what the game has to offer. I know I was hoping to do a lot of writing for the game, but then I had recently been involved with a clan and setting up their discord, which I wasn’t given the opportunity to finish, as well as me parting with the clan altogether.

I was on Twitter, on my new account (@jenovajunkie), it’s more a personal account, my old account was banned because of some woke women complaining of a few of my “jokes”. I read a tweet that the Liberals plan to invoke physician-assisted suicide for mental ill patients. I mean, if things weren’t controversial enough with mental health, you are now giving patients the choice to choose death? I honestly believe that to be a horrible idea, just think about how the whole transgender ordeal went. We had parents (mothers specifically), forcing children (boys, specifically) to accept that they may be of another gender. It’s not even as if there was much backlash from the psychological community at all, there were even some therapist that were on team “let’s deny there is a problem outside this gender bubble”. I get that in some twisted way, you can argue that this is in a way therapeutic, if we ignore the rights and freedoms of the individual, and it’s definitely unethical. That’s the one thing I think mothers do have a problem understanding, that their kids are not their “property”, or maybe it’s just my parents.

Now, it’s hard enough that we have this “not criminally responsible” plea that we have to tackle, like the case with that Toronto murderer who drove a van into a group of people (which is probably where they got this idea from). What if you have someone that is so depressed that they want to end their life medically, I know people who have felt that way for years, only to recover later and live a great life. During their depressive episode, I can guarantee that they would rather end their life than live with what they’re feeling. Maybe I am overreacting though.

Perhaps in my head I just have this snowballing idea that this will all go belly up, I think about those kids exposed to the Drag Queens reading them stories, random gay men showing children their genitalia to little boys, mothers having their young sons dance and strip for dozens of men at a club. I had sex at 17, which in my opinion was too early, yet not because of my age, because of my knowledge. I was stupid really, I just did whatever my girlfriend at the time wanted. She asked me if I was ready, and I knew I wasn’t, but being the competitive person I was, I forced myself to be ready. People do feel that kind of pressure, pressure to conform, to please. to focus on the bigger picture, minimize the self and your own feelings, and depressed individuals are more likely to have this type of thinking. People tend to unknowingly exasperate these feelings by saying things along the lines of “you are but a tiny dot in the universe, and your problems are even smaller in the grand scheme of things”.

Now I wonder if this proposal is actually to benefit Canadians, or is it some sick way of trying to “weed out” those individuals who aren’t strong enough to fend for themselves. I remember growing up as a teenager death and suicide was talked about so freely, it was still in music lyrics and there were the “emo” kids (which I may have fallen into at some point of my life). What Justin Trudeau, and quite frankly, the whole wide world has done, has gotten youth into politics, thereby ruining politics, in my honest opinion. What the hell do kids know about life, I didn’t really know that much about life until I got out of University. I have this unique perspective because I almost didn’t make it out of high school, I should’ve died in a car accident, but I didn’t. Just spend a few weeks in a coma and ended up with a brain injury, so yeah my life is quite different now. If you were to get my political opinion from my high school self, or even in my educated university going days, they definitely would not be voting for who I would now. Yet even in University, I was a feminist for a mere few weeks, I don’t know how anyone could be for any longer than that, it’s absolutely baffling to comprehend.

Anyways, I’m not sure what allowing mentally ill patients physician assisted suicide benefits anyone, the cons clearly outweigh the pros in this case. I don’t think physicians should be allowed to kill anyone, I remember reading of a few cases where a nurse took it upon herself to decide whether or not patients deserve to live. Now, it just seems that people in power want to make it even easier to use their power to control our lives, because with power, ethics doesn’t seem to matter.

University is a safe-haven, the real-world isn’t like that. No matter how hard you want it to be, life isn’t fair.

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