So, Doug Ford is being called a Misogynist by Andrea Horwath?

Please, do tell me more. The whole situation of being labelled something you’re most definitely not, because a females feelings got hurt is all too familiar to me. Also, I got the image from the Toronto Star. I am having some computer problems right now

There was some disagreement between the two about re-opening the economy, and Doug Ford said that listening to hear criticize him is like “nails on a chalkboard”. Then she got all insecure about her voice and then claimed he was a misogynist for trying to tell women to be quiet. Wait, what?

Yeah that is what I call a manipulative play on words to say the least, Ford was talking about how it annoys him that there are people who criticize from behind their desk yet having no knowledge of the front lines. However, isn’t that politics though, I could have sworn that people would always criticize politicians and suits for not knowing anything about the wars that countries were fighting.

I don’t really know, that could just be me.

I think that urging Doug Ford to apologize for a remark that was in Horwath’s insecure mind, and now many women are jumping on with “You can’t keep a good woman down” messages, is ridiculous. Remember when politics was about politics, and not about women and how they feel about the things that are said to them? I don’t, actually, because I never got into politics until I was thrown into gender politics while I was finishing my studies. Although I was a students and equites associate for the campus student union, to say I just happened to stumble on social issues is a bit of a stretch,

Unfortunately, I am going through some computer issues at the moment so my writing has suffered a bit. My writing has suffered a lot actually, and there is construction going on upstairs. C’est la vie, mon ami.

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