Destiny 2 Schedule.

I feel weird addressing the Destiny community as “Guardians”.

What if I call them “gamers”, like “Hey fellow Gamers!”. I don’t know, that’s really lame as well, a female twitch streamer addresses her audience as “besties”, though I don’t think I’ll get the same response.

I’ll just continue with readers going forward, I know there are a couple of you.

Destiny has entered a new season, as I had mentioned, and it was quite the Season. The season started off with more community involvement than ever, right out of the gate (this being my first full season, I don’t really have much to go off).

I also bought the DLC expansion Shadowkeep for the full price, yet not really starting it until just before the new season, where I learnt there was a sale of 50% off both expansions as soon as the new season started, so I decided to buy the other DLC Forsaken. In hindsight, I could’ve just bought everything all together and saved a lot of money when I bought the Beyond Light expansion.

So as we begin the new season, we also have new players that are just entering the Destiny world, as I got a message from two players already since Tuesday looking for guidance. The first one was male, age unknown because he just wanted help, I was busy but I offered some information and helped as much as I could. The second was a female gamer who informed me later that she was apparently a 10-year-old girl, and she  had no idea what she was doing, or what she wanted to do, she just invited me to her fireteam, so I sent her a message hoping to get a response and that she wasn’t some bot selling weird sex stuff. When she answered my question “Hey, what’s up”, she replied with “nothing, I am bored”.

So I just figured I take her along with me on my Warlock to Europa. I didn’t inspect her, because I just don’t do that, this whole “MeToo” garbage has me worried about consent, literally everywhere (By the way, I didn’t know her age at this point). So she loads in with me and I don’t pay any attention to her character much, I go talk to Variks and away we go. Then she gets on her Sparrow, it was a slower model, and, after a while she was not having it. She got on her Mic, which I was talking in the beginning, she was silent, then before she left my fireteam, she said that she just got the game. Then through messaging she tells me that she is 10. Like out of nowhere, just “btw I am 10”, which may explain why she is so confused, and doesn’t know what to do.

But at least know how to ask, don’t just expect things to be done for you.

Anyway, if you are online, playing Destiny and you want help, if you see “Andekuuu” online, just shoot me a message, please refrain from just sending an invite to join your fireteam. I have three Characters I am building, and 3 stories I am completing. I also want to get really good at raiding, currently I need to learn Last Wish, and go through Garden of Salvation. I have 9 Sherpas of Deep Stone Crypt, yet I can’t do the Sparrow part without the Frostbite glitch. I also did those Sherpas on my Hunter, I haven’t got the handle on my Warlock or Titan.

So this is my Destiny playing schedule, as always it’s going to fluctuate a little bit, and I want to get more involved in my clan as well “Basically Strangers”. But most importantly, there are other things like life that may get in the way, there aren’t really definite times as COVID kind of sucked everything up, including common sense. So for my three Characters I will be playing on the following days around 7pm or later depending on my meal preparation time.

Clearly this schedule begins on Sunday, and like I said, this isn’t going to be a set in stone, I’ll be there everyday playing at 7pm until 2am. Some days I won’t get there until 9pm, or rarely I’ll be on every single day. The season is until May, so we have time. I crushed the last season, starting late and helping others while learning raids, teaching raids, and in some cases raiding Destiny 1 with German players until 5am.

That one hurt the next day, my brain was tired, my eyes were tired. my body was tired. Definitely worth it, and if you are younger than me, which is most of the player base, I recommend doing that while you’re younger and your body reacts more favourably. Just so you know, I have two female characters, the Warlock and the Titan. I am finding that the female characters get treated a lot better than if I were my Hunter, which is totally weird. Also, Banshee always poses with his gun, as opposed to my male character where he is always standing with his arms crossed in disapproval.

I also get better loot on my (Awoken female) Warlock than my (Awoken Male) Hunter. I’m not complaining though, just stating facts. Watch, now Bungie isn’t going to give me anything (I’m still waiting for that Eyes of Tomorrow bungie).

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