Season of the Chosen is Tomorrow.

Superbowl was, well definitely a show.

Tom Brady wins his 7th championship, against a young Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. I was reading articles about how Brady has surpassed all of his former rivals. The article would talk about the records he set, the Championships he’s won and the total touchdowns or yards passed.

Yet, he still has never beaten a Manning. Everyone has their Achilles heel I suppose.

Watching Brady over the last few years, it seems as if he plays mental warfare on his opponents. I wish the players would just play football though, but I guess that is part of the game as well. Maybe part of intimidation is having all these Superbowl wins, the hot wife and the fancy house. Perhaps that drives a lot of people to hate on him, and they get stuck in this mental rut where they pressure themselves that they have to beat this entitled and overrated QB. I can’t really say, I won’t lie, he knows how to win.

Though 2 touchdowns were the result of having Gronkowski there with him, do you think Brady could have taken the Bucs to a win if they didn’t have Gronkowski? Who knows.

Well today is the last day for Destiny’s season of the hunt, as D2 players get ready to move into the new season, “Season of the Chosen”. That is right, season of the chosen. As players rush online to clear their vaults, redeem their tokens and other various end of season activities, some players are just relaxing, staying away from Destiny for a long-needed relaxation period. I must admit, there were days where there were a full weekend of raiding, Destiny 6-player in-game challenge mission. I have spent an entire weekend, a Friday evening to a Sunday evening, entirely of raids. I teach, I help teach, I get taught, but most importantly I play with and meet an assortment of players that share the experience. Anyone who thinks this is just an excuse to play games, does not know, I’ll leave it at that. To me, that is a huge selling point for Destiny, and a reason why I returned to the franchise (and COVID also assisted that). The trailer for the season is below, I don’t really like the attire, although it’s a bit Egyptian and I love me some Egyptian, to the point where I want to learn Arabic.

So there was this guy, his name was Calus, and he rode the ship Leviathan. There was a whole raid, and it was pretty well done in my opinion, even though I never did the raid, and it’s gone now. He is part of the Cabal, yet something happened, and the Cabal and Calus didn’t see things the same way and it was a sad story if you have been betrayed before. to read the full story. Betrayal sucks indeed, I betrayed my best friend once before cause he was dating another longtime friend, high school, the days of great social learning. There is a lot of the story I am missing or leaving out, but I re-entered the Destiny universe when they introduced “Stasis”, an ability spawned from The Darkness, and the scientist Clovis Bray and his granddaughters. As I am learning of Clovis Bray and the Exos, we just recently learned that Microsoft plans to turn deceased people into A.I. chatbots. Anyway, there is not much else to say, I am going to host/teach one more Raid tonight before the Reset and the new season begins. Here’s the trailer, I hope you enjoy!

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