Happy Holidays from Andeluuu!

So what has happened this year, a whole bunch of nothing!

Not really, there is always something happening, like the many, many, MANY problems of COVID.

First there was there was the start of COVID-19, very surprising, yet other than everywhere turning into a ghost town, Ontario, much like the Canada and the US, had a huge problem in their long term care homes.

We ongoing debates of wether or not we should wear masks, with some people outright denying the effectiveness despite many videos circulating online about how effectively masks actually work. This topic alone sparked much debate, but then again you have to wonder, if the world can argue and believe that the world is flat, then they can with virtually no doubt, conclude and argue that masks don’t work and that this entire virus was a hoax.

This is for you Americans, Most Canadians already know this

Remember this for the holidays, especially as Canada will enter lockdown. I hope that your holidays is as relaxing and care-free as it needs to be.

Here’s looking at 2021, and the many, many articles that will be wrapping up 2020. Probably as the worst year yet. What happened to the Asian Murder Hornets?

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