I need to be writing again.

I haven’t written in a while, and it seems as if this is a common theme. Since I have been writing, I will go on and write for a while, and then for some reason, I’ll just stop.

I understand that to be successful, you need to be consistent. I really don’t think I deserve to call myself a writer (let alone sometime the times I do refer to myself as a journalist) or a photojournalist, when all I do is write once in a while and have taken a bunch of seemingly meaningless photographs.

COVID messed everything up, and now I am hearing talks about a “Great Reset”. America is really not that secure, or at least as secure as you’d think, they still don’t have an official President-Elect. I was just on Gab and the news feed I get there is so much different than the news feed I get on Facebook, just as Parler is different than Twitter. Gab tells me that they are continuing to push ahead with the allegations of voter fraud, while Facebook seems to tell me that Trump’s cases and appeals has gone and is going nowhere, that 50% of his cases have been proven wrong or have been withdrawn, yet the same day I read that article, Gab tells me that 7 additional states have joined the Texas case of voter fraud in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan. On Parler, the feed of information I get is obviously a pro-Republican message, and Twitter, well Twitter I follow for Canadian Politics mainly (since they suspended my account @nowyouthink, because women and I can’t get along I guess) but it’s quite obvious the message you’re going to receive on Twitter.

I don’t even know what’s going on with Canadian Politics anymore. I don’t really think it matters, they’ve basically closed everything. Can you believe the audacity of our new Minister of Finance to announce an additional $100 billion dollar deficit, and then ask the responsible Canadians to help finance the irresponsible government. Budget, people.

I keep saying I want to learn how to code and that I am going to start, and I have started before, I got through the basics of Python 2, and SQL, I want to be a data journalist; however, I find writing a lot better than coding. I have spent my life in school, learning this, or that, taking online courses in this field (currently I am finishing up my Graphic Design at Shaw Academy) and I honestly just feel like I can’t stuff anymore information in my head. I don’t even know why I am doing Graphic Design, maybe it’s because I like colours and I want to make use of Adobe Creative Cloud.

It’s probably because I like pretty things, or women.

Saying things like that is probably why my mother thinks I am gay.

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