It’s 2021!

I thought there would be more articles about how 2020 was the most horrible year ever, actually the worst year I read was actually 1943, or something around that time. There was Nazi Holocaust marches and some atomic bomb stuff. So really staying home or wearing a mask isn’t that bad in comparison, also I was watching a show about how Hitler was working on making a nuclear bomb, which would have been an interesting twist on life as we know it.

So 2021, what articles are in store on

Well first of all, there has to be some band check-ups. I do want to know if the bands that I have interviewed in the past are still together, and if they are how are they doing. The pandemic has really tested everyone, particularly performance artists. Musicians don’t only rely on sales of albums to get them by, yet playing gigs is a great way to get your music out there in this noise filled world. I know some artists also had their own side hustle, like Polarity’s Jasmine Virginia, who also constructs her own hand made wall art.

Racism is a topic that I hope to never see come up again, with the killings of George Floyd, Breanna Taylor and the lot (yes, there is more). What gets me is that those blacks that are dying are cops too, there were blacks cops who were killed by a sniper a while ago, if I remember correctly; also, the sniper may have been black as well. It goes to show you that times have changed, my grandfather and another relative was speaking to me of how back in Guyana, blacks and Indians were always at each other’s throat, and black workers were amongst the laziest of all the workers; Indians and blacks were never the ones to get along. I don’t want to delve into the psychology of slavery, and the West Indies, but I understand why there isn’t any amicable feelings between the two groups. One story I was told was that when you give the black workers their food, after they eat their output is greatly reduced (it was said in plainer terms) relative to their output when they first got to work. So, the solution was not to feed the black guys until later in the day. Now how do you think that the black guys thought of this, or anyone who was on the outside looking in?


When in reality, delaying the lunch of the black workers is based of what we would call today “business analytics”.

This was a long time ago, also it’s from a country called Guyana. Guyana was a poor country with a lot of problems, and to this day there’s problems.

I know times have changed, because when I opened my door and allowed a Guyanese friend, he stole my brother’s portable CD player. When I needed back to confront this guy, it was a bunch of black guys who came to support me. I’ll say this again in more plain terms;

I welcomed a fellow Guyanese boy into my house, he stole my brother’s portable CD player. When I went to confront him, a group of black guys came to support me. When I was in Gr. 7, a black girl man handled a friend of mine over pizza, messed up his shirt and everything. He didn’t hit her, because she was a girl. Anyway, politics are on a weird halt.

America has still an unverified President-Elect, Canada is somehow still loving this Trudeau guy, politicians are taking vacations everywhere. I just don’t get this, like if you are elected to represent the people, know that now you have to be super ethical in everything you do. Ugh, it doesn’t help when the Prime Minister is basically taking bribes, kick-backs and spreading out Canadian wealth to his friends and family is the person you are supposed to be looking toward for guidance. I think 2021 is going to be really different, there are plenty of articles that will come out of the vault, there really isn’t much else to do anyway.

Hopefully the gym and ballet studios open up again.

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