Ontario is predicting 1, 000 new daily COVID-19 cases by mid-October

As the trend in Ontario of new cases slowly climb up above 500, what does that truly mean?

The Ontario government has gotten more and more tests out to the public, so are we really seeing a second wave, or just a better picture of the current situation that we are dealing with day by day?

Global News provides a great breakdown of the current total number of cases in Ontario.

24, 596 cases are male – an increase of 321

26, 742 cases are female – an increase of 302

Of those two groups,

4259 cases are people aged 19 and under – an increase of 94

17, 876 cases are people between the age 20 and 39 – an increase of 294

14, 801 cases are people between the ages 40 to 59 – an increase of 169

8, 466 cases are people between the ages 60 to 79 – an increase of 56

And lastly, there are 6, 201 cases of people 80 and over – an increase of 13 cases

There is a significant backlog of test results, as these tests don’t necessarily correspond to the day they are reported on.

So just be careful, mind your distance and wear a mask. Remember to wash your hands.

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