Trump and Biden Go Toe to Toe, COVID-19 Has Mutated

Yesterday evening, news of the global coronavirus death toll had passed 1 million people to date, with many experts proposing that the true number be even higher, considering the lag in reporting.

In the last 9 months, this virus has had a stranglehold on our daily lives. Who would have thought that wearing a face covering would become part of your wardrobe, if you had to leave the house for work, if you even had work, what day is it, I think I am out of cereal.

There has been a some concern caused over the virus mutation, but, as reported in an interview with CBC, virus do this all the time, and have random mutation that get encoded into their genome (if you are lost around this point, that’s okay, the next part is a bit easier), although these studies that report these findings have not been peer reviewed, scientists in America have also confirmed these findings, in animals. Whether or not these mutations present any harm, or can even be transmitted to humans is still up for debate.

In American politics, Donald Trump is set to debate Joe Biden tonight in the first US presidential debate. CBC will start coverage at 7pm ET, although they are definitely not the only news network to cover the debate, which is set to start at 9pm ET.

CBC radio will also cover the Trump-Biden debate, starting at 9pm ET.

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