It’s Alive!

It was reported this morning by Health Minister Christine Elliott that 344 cases (of COVID-19) are being reported in Toronto, 104 cases in Peel Region, 89 in Ottawa and 56 in York Region, bringing the provincial total to 700.

It’s also said that 60% of those cases are individuals under the age of 40, and that there has been an additional death associated with the novel coronavirus.

It looks like the second wave has hit us, and more than likely it’s going to hit us harder than the first. Areas of Quebec, like Montreal and Quebec City, have already predicted a return to the “red alert” stage of restrictions.

That means tighter controls on bars and restaurants, Premier Legault is expected to hold a news conference at 5:30 later today if you are interested in hearing more about Quebec’s strategy to deal with COVID-19, following the report of 750 cases today.

Canada is well over 1000 daily cases of COVID-19, worries of further lockdown measures in Ontario ensue. It seems as if the bell just rung in the second round.

Recently, there has been a lot of cases, but 400 didn’t seem that alarming. Call it optimistic, also someone went around saying cases don’t mean infections which is kind of confusing, really confusing. I remember the first wave like yesterday, because there wasn’t really much else going on. What bothers me is that the schools are remaining open, and sure there has been a small number of infections in Ontario’s publicly funded schools, the number hasn’t even reached a whole percentage point.

Make the kids think they are smart and they can beat the virus by implementing strategies and using tools that will have them feeling smarter than their parents, and I bet you can get them to wear two layers of socks on each arm. The kids will be alright.

But what about these asymptomatic spreaders? The people who are carrying the virus, the virus doesn’t affect them, but will affect their grandparents or their parents? There are long term care homes that are begging to struggle with COVID outbreaks again, not nearly as bad as before, however were we not once COVID free? Things are never bad until they are.

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