Trump Has Returned to the White House

If you didn’t happen to hear about Trump catching COVID-19, as if you couldn’t hear your democratic or left-leaning liberal friends joking about how comical President Trump catching “the China virus” was, as if it was some miraculous act of God, a true example of karma working (don’t you dare), President Donald Trrump has been infected with the novel coronavirus, as well as Melania Trump and several others within the White House.

Trump spent some time at a hospital, a military Hospital, yet he continued to work, proving that it wasn’t that bad and the disease itself is nothing to be afraid of. If anyone was getting the same level of treatment as the President of America, then of course the virus isn’t going to be that bad.

Despite pushing for experimental treatments, having steriods injected into his lungs, was administered an “antibody cocktail” and multiple rounds of the experimental drug Remdesevir, President Trump tweeted out a message that offended many of those people who have lost loved ones to the disease, again causing outrage.

Trump COVID-19 Tweet
Trump tweet that angered thousands.

The President is now back in The White House, having not fully recovered from the novel coronavirus.

The show must go on, and it’s not news unless there is some kind of outrage on social media, right?

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