Thursday, July 30. Toronto and Peel Region Advances to Stage 3 Tommorow.

Toronto is going to Stage 3, and I don’t know if I care.

I can’t lie, I really want to go to the gym, I am fat now. I literally can’t fit into my jeans anymore, that’s what I get for buying those skinny jeans I guess. I was excited, I didn’t expect it to take this long honestly, I think being at home for the better half of the year, made me not care so much anymore.

It’s not like I have loads of friends call me or anything.

I’ve really been at home, cleaning, getting rid of somethings. Playing COD. Reading a bit, learning more than reading, hockey came back on last night with an exhibition match between Toronto and Montreal, I used to be wired for those games! Last night, couldn’t be bothered, I think it’s because I am used to getting excited for things, and then having people ruin them. So, yes I anticipate people are going to somehow mess things up.

I’ve read various provinces and states, countries all have the same thing happens, new cases emerge somewhere, somehow. I’m not pessimistic, it’s just I kind of know how people operate.

I literally have been living like this for the last six or so years, just outcasted, yeah, I miss my bubble tea, my tattoo parlours and live music, but if you are saying this is going to put me at risk of dying from an invisible enemy, I’m good man. I already have health concerns being disabled and all, I don’t need to end up on the street, gasping for air.

When I look at Ontario, I realise that not everyone is going to take this as seriously as others. Some people will take this new-found freedom for granted, and there are going to be spikes, I guarantee you that much.

Even know I look outside and people aren’t walking around with a mask, I know that outside environment is not as dangerous, most people are walking alone, but even in mall I see younger residents in Scarborough not really wearing their mask properly, and I don’t know what to say anymore. If you are not going to socially distance, wear your mask, it’s not that hard.

There’s been a lot of noise in politics, with this WE Charity scandal. I always said that Trudeau and the Liberals were just careless crooks. They are of the rule “it’s not wrong unless you get caught”, well they’ve been caught numerous times. Let me ask you this, you pay taxes toward the government, would you rather have that money go into Canada’s development, or the development of a few politicians and their friends? What do you think is ethical for a government to do, with regards to the country they are supposed to govern?


Being the Prime Minister of Canada, you should know and adhere to these responsibilities. My point is that yes, Trudeau and Morneau families can get paid, hired and treated as royalty by anyone for all I care, but those businesses, or people are now exempt from any government handouts. That’s the bottom line, it’s just not fair and we won’t be able to distinguish good and bad faith incentives. Today, Trudeau is to speak on this incident, Tuesday we had those brothers that co-founded WE, and they used every trick in the book to get out of answering questions, like having the average earning per day for Margaret Trudeau speaking, they said that they would give the total after, because they didn’t have a calculator. It’s been rumoured that she has been paid $150,000 more than previously stated.

Today in Ontario, we get announcements on how schools are going to function, as schools re-open the doors. Tomorrow, Toronto will be moving into Stage 3, more on that later today.


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