Schools Re-Open September, Trudeau, Telford and We Charity

Yesterday was a fairly eventful day, for me at least. After breakfast, I waited around for the Doug Ford announcement, then it was straight into the Zoom meeting with Justin Trudeau and his Chief of Staff Katie Telford. It was tiring to listen to their answering of questions, which turned to be a clever maneuvering and reframing of questions, ultimately avoiding giving an answer. It was not surprising the way that Justin Trudeau carried himself, especially when questioned about whether or not he read the Ethics Act, and when asked if he could recite section 21, Trudeau got offended, almost like he was amazed that someone would dare question his superior knowledge; after all, a large population of Canada voted him in as Prime Minister. Trudeau doesn’t grasp that he is the one under scrutiny, and later clapped back at Mr. Poilievre by asking him if he knows anything about the “Conflict of Interest Act”.

I thought the Prime Minister being asked the questions here. I’d also figure that he’d be the better man, that to play tit-for-tat where he has no place to.

As for Ontario, it’s been decided that all provincially funded elementary schools will re-open in September, 5 days a week. The Ford Government has allocated significant money towards the hiring of additional 500 custodians, and 500 nurses for this unprecedented school year. Students will alternate between in-class learning, and online e-learning as part of the new altered school regime. Each group of students (the practise dubbed as “Co-Hoarding”) will consist of no more than 15 students. The Ford government has also allocated additional funds for extra health and safety training for teachers, as well as expanding school testing capabilities, ensuring the well-being of each and every kid that enters and leaves the school; also, buses will now be cleaned generously and frequently. Most secondary schools will re-open as well, the wearing of a mask is required for all kids grades 4-12.

Also, day-cares will be able to operate.

As for Trudeau and Telford, I know for a fact there are going to be an abundance of articles, as there as of right now. I am getting so tired of how manipulative and conniving these politicians are, how they are crafty to avoid answering questions, eating up time, flustering others, pretending to be hurt or offended, I see it with all people, especially the Kielburger’s, the 2 of the 3 co-founders of the We Charity, whom were also in the hot seat on Tuesday. Both Trudeau and the Kielburgers, as well as Telford knew what to say and when to say it as to “clear the air” surrounding ambiguities around the scandal. In other words, they want to control how you think of their involvement, by already forcing your perception to think that what they were doing seems more likely a mistake than actually being very unethical, and lacking the necessary due diligence while excusing their responsibility.

Put simply, Justin Trudeau, who claims there was no foul play, and he got very defensive that Poilievre would question his knowledge of the Ethics Act, got caught twice beforehand for violating these rules and regulations. He passes the responsibility onto someone else, Telford passes the responsibility on to the charity, every one involved knew they were committing a crime, yet they all looked the other way. Yet, they all look like a deer caught in head lights, completely taken by surprise.

I’m sorry – the most Canadian words you’ll ever hear, even when we screw you over.

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