Back Door Tunnels and Money Funnels

Well, taking a small break from the all the politics, just made me realize you can never take a break from politics. If I am not avidly watching news, debates, reading articles or going through bombardments of memes, there is always going to be that somebody who gets me talking about politics, or sends me a “hilarious photo”.

I get it though, politics governs our lives, whether it be work, our family life, or just shooting the breeze with friends. Politics will always be lingering somewhere. There are arguments in politics, if you support this party, then you’re that type of person, if you don’t support that person, the you must be this type of person. No one has made us more divisive than politicians, religious gurus and activists. While we argue amongst each other, the politicians are sneaking around back doors, avoiding rules and regulations, helping their friends and family edge out yours.

Nothing is wrong with helping out your family members achieve, or move into positions that better themselves. What about when you take money from Canadians, and then award a contract of large sum of money, when they paid for your family members to speak, hire them to work, and pay for your vacation expenses? I’m not a Canadian Tax Law expert, but aren’t donations to charities tax exempt? I bet there is a lot of stuff that they are getting creative with.

If I were to look at this ethically, it’s a nightmare, there is no reason that the charity or the PM, OR Minister Morneau should be let off the hook, especially with a couple weak “I am sorry, and I should have recused myself from the talks” lines, and an obviously fabricated story to reframe our how we come to think about this, rather dire situation.

I have had enough of hard-working Canadians tax dollars, used to support the families of Government leaders, where the money funnels back into their pockets. Whether directly, or to their family members.


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