A Weak, Unmeaningful Apology


Justin Trudeau emerged from Rideau Cottage, a formally frequent occurrence at the beginning of this pandemic. The topic of his message was an apology for the way he handled himself with the Canadian Student Service Grant.

He apologized for his actions, saying he was frustrated, and that he should have recused himself at the beginning of the conversation. He pleads that he wasn’t aware of the specifics of how his family members had been paid, although saying that he knew that his various family members did make money through public service (speaking). This is not the first time that our Prime Minister has been found to be trouble ethically, as we look back to the SNC-Lavalin scandal.

However, it just seems that now, Justin Trudeau lacks the ability to learn new information. This being the third time that Trudeau has been in trouble and sent to the ethics office, you’d think that a second term PM would have been familiar with the rule book. Yet that is not all that what is wrong with this picture.

During the press conference, Trudeau emphasized how important this program was to him. He painted a nice picture of how he has always been there to help our young Canadians, how his mother has been a huge advocate for mental health, and we are even to remember that Justin himself was a drama teacher. Saying that he was frustrated, later in the conference we had learned that he wasn’t frustrated that he made the mistake, again, but rather he is frustrated that these young people won’t be able to benefit from the program. I understand this isn’t about us, and that youth are Canada’s future; however, we are living right now, and Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister right now. Trudeau is using his power, just like a high school teacher does, to do whatever he wants, not reading the rule book, and just throwing a sorry like Steve Urkel in Family Matters.

Family Matters is a TV show that ran during the 90’s, Canada is a country in reality, do we really like our Drama’s that much?

This is an opinion piece, but also a report on the facts. When I vote a Prime Minister in, this Prime Minister better be damn well knowledgeable about the rules. Especially after being caught two times previously. My next problem is with his apology, it’s ingenuine and if you can’t see that then you shouldn’t be voting. He apologizes for not his actions, he is frustrated not because as a Prime Minister he should know the rules and the extent of these rules like the back of his hand, but he says that the program is going to take longer than expected to get out there. This shows a complete lack of acknowledgement of his wrong doings. He also said that he knew that his family members do get paid doing “public service”, receiving rumination, and he failed to make sure that this deal was bulletproof.  To me that doesn’t sound like he cared about anything at all. And that he just thought that he was the PM, he would get away with it. We hold others accountable for their actions in the public service like our police officers, other politicians, yet we don’t hold the same level of scrutiny for the person in control of our country, no wonder he thought that he would just get away with this. Once a high school drama teacher, always a high school drama teacher.

Trudeau doesn’t care, he’s not really sorry, David Cochrane of the CBC already laid this out as a smart PR move, and Vassy Kapelos reminded us that it was just last week he was pushing back and fighting everyone, what a story.

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