Ontario, 158 New Cases, 2734 Deaths Total.


So, as Justin Trudeau hosts a virtual retreat for his Cabinet of Ministers, there will be briefings with Doug Ford (Premier of Ontario) and friends.

Yesterday, Toronto recorded 148 new cases, with a slight increase of 158 New cases today. There are 2, 734 deaths and yesterday Toronto had completed 17 303 tests. Leamington, and Kingsville, the last two areas to be in Stage 1, will move into Stage 2 tomorrow. Although even though Scarborough (East-Toronto) has moved into Stage 2, and I was complaining to r/Hamilton how they got the green light ahead of us, nothing really feels any different.

There are outbreaks in 34 Long-Term Care homes, there should be 0. This is an issue that I thought Trudeau had dealt with, with that report coming from the Canadian Armed Forces about the horrid conditions and quality of care in long-term care homes across Ontario and Quebec, and politicians expressed their concerns, or at least pretended concerns, using deep, emotionally-charged words, but hey, I guess that’s their job, right?

Whether your Conservative, Liberal, even NDP; those don’t matter, their words are seemingly meaningless.

Announced today were Transit and major infrastructure projects, leading to more affordable housing and job creation. There are problems on with his Residential Evictions Ban, where a couple who are making money and working are refusing to pay their landlords. This was the last question before the conference ended, he answered with how horrible this is and how that he was expecting fairness, that if you earned money, whether it was through work or the CERB, that you would use it to pay your bills. He went on to say that this is a fair province, the people of Ontario are fair; I’m not so sure that Doug Ford knows how people are.

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