UPDATE* Peel Mandates Masks, Ontario Update

As Justin Trudeau takes care of other obligations, Doug Ford updates Ontario on some COVID-19 news. Premier Ford has been updating the Province almost daily, like Justin Trudeau had been doing, now he has dialed back as Canada is progressing further along the path to recovery. There is news about Canadian travel, much of the restrictions that where set in place at the beginning of the pandemic were set to expire today, yet the restrictions barring all Canadian travel (other than those deemed “Essential”) has been extended, as CBC reports that most Canadian travel will be restricted until at least July 31st.

Ontario today reports 157 new COVID-19 cases, with 7 deaths. The majority of these cases still reside within the GTA; however, there have been 1, 383, 566 tests completed to date. All of Ontario’s provincial parks will be free tomorrow, July 1st, in light of Canada’s day. Although, various parks will be running on reduced hours, depending on what park you decide to visit, checking their website is recommended. Fishing will be free as well, starting Saturday July 4th, you will no longer be required to have a fishing license. For two weeks, you can enjoy fishing all over the province, free of charge.

Toronto remains an NHL hub city candidate, as well as having our Toronto Blue Jays play their home games here. Although, it may be a while before you can enjoy a live game, as Ontario Minister of Health Christine Elliot said that they are still looking for a full week more of data collection, before they can even speak the words “Phase 3”.

Bad news for children, the playground equipment is still off-limits, however Doug Ford said that he will consider the option of re-opening playgrounds in Phase 3.

Masks wearing is a hot topic right now, as Peel has made the wearing of masks mandatory indoors, Quebec has mandated that masks must be worn on public transit starting July 13th for those aged 12 and older.

Will Toronto follow suit?


Toronto has mandated the wearing of masks on public transport starting on July 7th.

Fines have not been set yet, but are estimated to be in the range of $750 – $1000 dollars.

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