Mask Wearing Etiquette

As we approach Canada day this Wednesday, for some reason, NAFTA was scheduled to be renegotiated on this day. Not July 4th, but on Canada Day. The American President earlier had hinted at America placing tariffs of 10% on Canadian aluminum. Justin Trudeau brushed this threat off, scoffing at the attempt to shake our confidence in negotiation, saying that imposing these tariffs would not only hurt Canadians, yet hurt Americans as well as they do not have the capacity to manufacture the required amount of aluminum to support their need.

If you’re on social media, then you probably have witnessed the craziness that is surrounding people and the wearing of a mask. There have been numerous people publicly protesting the forced wearing of a mask. So where does Justin Trudeau stand, should it be mandatory that you should wear a mask while outside in Canada? No. There will be no mandatory wearing of a mask, but it is strongly suggested to do so by the Canadian PM. When you are not able to maintain a social distance of at least 2 meters, and you are going to be in close proximity to people, Justin Trudeau says you should wear a mask. The usually reasoning is that you can help protect others, but really, if you care about protecting others more than you care about protecting yourself, then consider this:

There are not many people like you.

Most people would like to protect themselves and the ones they love over you.

So these people are thinking about themselves rather than you.

You’re protecting them, and they are protecting them.

Who is protecting you?

If you get sick, or worse, hospitalized; then, who will continue to protect them?

So best that you wear a mask for yourself, and not others.

There will be less briefings as Canada moves through the recovery.

A big story, or recurrent theme during the question period was those Canadians seeking repatriation from the ever so violent Syria. For those of you who don’t know, these Canadians went over to Syria to serve ISIS.


More on this is the coming week.

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