Big Rig Brewery, a Trudeau Fave


Big Rig Brewery, is one of the many beer brewers that had switched from brewing beer to supplying hand sanitizer in wake of the COVID-19 crisis. Also, it has been reported that using the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy, the brewer was able to hire back nearly all of their employees, pre-pandemic. Yes, even Deb from accounting. It is also using the Rental Subsidy, a measure that the enables landlord and tenants to mutually benefit from Federal assistance. It’s almost self-explanatory that Justin Trudeau would a press conference set up in his Golden Child that is Big Rig Breweries. It was noted that Trudeau was last heat with Barack Obama, when he was President of the United States of America.

A plan of action has rolled out for the long-term care homes, specifically those in Ontario and Quebec. Announced earlier was introduction of the Canadian Red Cross who will take over for the Canadian Armed Forces. The CAF won’t be leaving until the retirement homes are issued a green light rating, ensuring that the homes have been brought back to safely operating on their own. The Canadian Red Cross have allocated 150 workers by July 6th, and another 750 more by July 29th, issuing a total of 900 workers to assist long-term care homes and facilities until September 15th.

Concerns over the two Canadians, Michael Spavor and Michael Korvig, who have been hostage in China for over 500 consecutive days, continue to grow. Korvig and Spavor have been charged with espionage, and the media continues to emphasis the conviction rate it China is almost certain once charged. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau feels this arrest is politically motivated, as the two Canadians were detained shortly after the Meng Wanzhou arrest. There has been a barrage of accusations about Canada and the US thrown around, and it would seem as if China is being the spoiled brat who just got caught. The trade war with the US, the coronavirus and calls for independent investigations by various countries, Meng Wanzhou, this is definitely an unprecedented track record. Now there are calls that Canada should be stricter on issuing the Chinese VISA applications, dome even call for the revoking of those already issued.

Ontario has a had a record low of 111 new COVID cases, the last day with a single day increase of a number lower than this was March 11th.

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