Canadians Are Not Pawns


Justin Trudeau deviated from his normal routine, briefing the nation around 11am, to making us be ready for a 10:15am briefing. I was so used to not caring that I didn’t wake up early anymore, thank you COVID.

Thankfully, he was a bit late.

There was not much substance to his actual speech, honestly it was a lot of stuff that applied to students, that their schools can worry about getting them the right information. The real meat of this morning’s question was that “Canadians are not political pawns”.

China is open for a hostage swap, like this is The Second World War. A number of reporters stepped in and asked if the Canadian PM would be considering a swap, to think about the families and Brian Greenspan who said that the Minister of Justice could step in and intervene. We had the wife of Michael Korvig come on CBC and give a heartfelt depiction of what her husband is going through, and she just wants him home and Canada could do that because her lawyer said it’s possible.

But what does that mean for all Canadians if they do swap Wanzhou for Korvig and Spavor? This would send the message or signal that Canadians are expendable pawns that can be used whenever there is any political conflict with another country. Just arbitrarily find Canadians travelling in your country, and detain them in horrible conditions, and our Feminist government with no backbone will fold.

It’s easy for someone to preach for the sacrifice of the something being “for the greater good”, until they have to do it themselves.

There was a tidbit of information that was interesting to me, Canada had 81% of COVID-19 deaths in long-term care homes, compared to the rest of the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development) countries. The majority of the OECD countries have about half of that number, and there are 37 countries. Today the ministers of each province and the PM will have their weekly telephone call, where this issue, among many more will be discussed, like the $14 billion dollars that has been allocated to help provinces.

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